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La Xampanyería – Cheap, Loud and Very Spanish

A bottle of cava for around 2 euros? Yes, in Barcelona even that is possible. La Xampanyería is one of the most exciting tapas and cava bars in the city, which you just must visit.

Overall atmosphere in the bar is simply amazing and very Spanish. However, you can hear people speaking many different languages over there as this place is really popular among tourists.

Cava in La Champaneria always comes with the food. You can choose from different types of tapas and bocadillos. As the place usually is really crowded try to get there as early as possible, before six o´clock, as later it is deadly difficult to get inside.

By the way, don´t be surprised when you see your glass filled in with the cava from you neighbour´s bottle. Friendly atmosphere just flutters over there. However, as the place is really crowded, you will find yourself pushed by others from all direction, so don´t be shy and do the same! otherwise you just won´t get close to the bar.

Although La Campaneria is quite hidden I am pretty sure that you won´t have any difficulties to find it, just ask locals, as the bar is really popular. It is in Barceloneta and not too far from the beach.

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