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Internship Opportunity at Barcelona-Home

Claudia from Sweden
Stockholm University, Sweden
Erasmus internships

Hello, everyone, it is my pleasure to give a review about working at Barcelona-home. I have been searching for an internship for 3 months during my previous semester and I had to find it in time since it was obligatory. I talked to many different companies because I really wanted to find a place where I can learn a lot. The reason why I choose Barcelona-Home was because I could work in customer service which is related to my thesis about customer satisfaction that I was writing during that time. The experience gave me more knowledge and a practical insight on that topic.

When I arrived there, I even got a Barcelona guide and all the documents needed have already been prepared. I met the people from the management team on the weekend before my first working day and they already showed me around the office and explained everything to me.

During my internship I worked in the customer service department. I was mostly dealing with landlords and clients through the phone, Email and face-to-face. But I also got the opportunity to try lots of different tasks that have developed me for my future career. I often got feedback from the managements about my work which really motivated me. Also suggestions from interns are appreciated by the management and they try to create an working environment where everyone is happy. I feel so lucky that I got the great opportunity of doing that internship and I’m thankful for all the people that made my success possible.

Working on weekends to have meetings, discussion and special training gives you a lot of additional knowledge. There are different offices which are all located in the center of Barcelona. During lunch break, my colleagues and me often went to different places. They were all so kind and helpful and with some of them I am still in contact regularly. I would recommend to work at Barcelona-Home to my friends and family since you can learn a lot and also enjoy your time in such a great city. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity provided and all the help during my internship period.

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