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How to be safe in Barcelona now?

There are lots of often visited places in the city of Barcelona. Of course, just like everywhere, not every single of them is safe. Take a look how to be safe in Barcelona.

A terrorist attack happened yesterday and lots of the tourists are even afraid of walking in Barcelona. First of all, we absolutely shouldn’t fear every single outgoing just because such a tragedy took place. That’s exactly what “they” want us to do. Of course, it doesn’t change one clear fact, that we definitely should be more careful. The key is to be safe everywhere.

What to do if you’re already in Barcelona?

At the moment you should avoid being in crowded places, for sure. You better not go to La Rambla or Placa Catalunya. In fact, on Friday’s morning, the promenade got closed by the police, and the metro doesn’t drive through Catalunya. So it’s rather highly recommended not to visit it these days.

As there may be restrictions in some places, you should follow the advice of the local authorities and call the helpline if you have been affected in some way by the incidents. The number is 0034 93 214 21 24.

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What to do if you’re travelling to Barcelona in these days?

If you’re planning to visit Barcelona during these days, you have to know that flights to the city are still all running, but obviously, travellers should check their airline company site for any changes.

The Spanish authorities are taking measures to protect visitors in all the places frequented by foreigners, anyway, you should always be vigilant.

If you are not feeling comfortable with travelling to Barcelona, you should be informed that cancel your flight, as well as your accommodation, is possible, but travel companies and hotels or apartment companies can not offering you free cancellation or discounts for that. This just happens when FCO (The Foreign and Commonwealth Office,) has advised against travel. Any Travel Insurance will also exclude cancellations due to Barcelona attack.

A Terrorism Attack always brings devastating results. For example, there can be a significant law enforcement involvement at local, regional and state levels, health and mental health resources can be strained to their limits and an extensive media coverage, together with a strong public sense of fear can continue for a prolonged period and maybe cause international implications and consequences impacting also with the tourism and the expats movement.

The Authorities throughout Europe should take radical steps to protect tourism and transportation hubs, and what we (citizens and tourists) can do is trying to accept the inconveniences that follow these kinds of measures.

REUTERS/Sergio Perez

REUTERS/Sergio Perez

The impact of this kind of attack.

Every time after a situation like this one people react strongly and the tourism is, directly and indirectly, affected by that because tourists are definitely more sensitive to safety deciding to choose different holiday destinations. But tourists forget quickly and as soon as the situation calms down, the prices and the attractiveness of the City will be the dominant factors again.

Increasing the security measurements and creating marketing campaigns based on fear and on a constant state of alertness, don’t help the return of tourism. A more helpful method should be the one that the entire community of Barcelona, tourists included, took this morning by walking through La Rambla again after few hours and shouting all together I’M NOT AFRAID!”. This is a great signal for tourists from all over the world, who would see that the city is safe, is alive and strong and there is no danger of travelling there.



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  1. I’m glad you wrote about that we should not forget what happened. I went there a few days ago and it’s a beautiful city with great people and for anybody who wonders the police officers are very present so people can feel reassured

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