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Holiday flats rentals in Sitges

Holiday flats rentals in Sitges

Are you thinking about visiting Barcelona? But you do not know where to visit or stay during Barcelona trip. We suggest you one of the best places in Barcelona: Sitges. Furthermore, Barcelona-Home also provides you holiday flats rentals in Sitges that will make your trip more wonderful.

What Sitges has?

Famous for its film festivals and carnevals. It is just about half an hour away from Barcelona, and you will encounter this picturesque Mediterrenian coast town. Behind the curvy hills of Garraf, Sitges arises with amazing nudist beaches, built in the times of the Romans as a spa town. It’s not just one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Spain, but also internationally reknown as one of the most tolerant towns. In addition,you can tell yourself from the astonishing amount of gay couples in this place. It has been frequented by famous artists such as Ramon Casas and Santiago Rusiñol. It makes a cultural hub in Catalonia with amazing Modernist architecture in almost every corner.

holiday flats rentals in Sitges

Holiday apartments in Sitges.

If you’re looking for your next holiday resort, Sitges is one of the places you will definitely regret visiting! You’ll find prestigious hotels and restaurants on its lovely boardwalk, just as well as holiday flats.

Take your time and go for a walk on this esplanade, contemplating San Bartolome’s white asymmetry and churches in barcelona. Feel a fresh breeze enjoying the sunshine and visit the famous history of bacardi offering you some Facundi Bacardi’s famous rum.

It’s quite easy to find holiday flats rentals in Sitges during the Winter. However, this can be a way to remove disastrous tasks during summertime, as Sitges inhabitants multiply in number. Especially the residential area in its bay and Port of Aiguadolç offer plenty of marvellous villas, attics and holiday flats for affordable prices. Moreover, the port is pretty close to the center, giving you quick access to Catalonia’s biggest sports facility, Pont Ginesta, where the European Catamaran Championship took place. You can just go to the nearby port of Garraf with its various naval activities such as submarines and boat rentals. Without a doubt, Sitges provides you with an incomparable cultural and sports experience.

holiday apartments in Sitges

The location of holiday flats rentals in Sitges.

if you’re looking for a holiday in Sitges, and prefer to live close to the greatest festivals. You should check out the famous Calle Del Pecado, street of sin. Apart from Sitges’ Carneval, Sitges offers you great nightlife places such as Atlántida and Pacha. If you prefer a private place, you might be interested in a holiday flat in Las Colinas, is known for its prestigious villas with excellent panorama views and spectacular attics.

There are many different types of holiday apartments in Sitges. We guarantee that you can find at least a perfect apartment for your trip with Barcelona-Home. We want the best experience for you while you are staying in Barcelona. In addition, our holiday apartments in Sitges located near the famous place that is easy for you to visit those places.

Do not forget to check out this list to find amazing holiday apartments in Sitges!

Be it just a trip over the weekend or a longer stay, this small neigborhoods sitges is definitely your next destination.

Are you looking for a great accommodation in Barcelona? Look no further, we have what’s right for you!

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  1. I was in Sitges on Sunday and now that I’ve been there once I’m planning to go there again but for a weekend. I found it so lovely, so I will check in details the offers on your website, thank you!

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