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Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival 2016

The Sitges Carnival is known to be one of the greatest parties in Spain. This year the event will be held between February 4th and 10th.

Sitges Carnival features a string of colorful parades with scantily dressed party people, street music, live bands, and revelers with superlunary costumes. The two largest parades of the festival each feature around 50 floats and annually over 3.000 people participate in the event.

For the gay community Sitges organizes a Gay Carnival, which takes place 4 days before the main event. The city offers a great variety of activities, including the famous Pink Night and Widow Night.

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Each day of the week-long Sitges Carnival will feature a full schedule of events, including folk-dancing, theatrical performances, live music, children´s activities, and more! Don´t miss out on tasting the famous xatonada of Sitges, a delicious salad made with the region´s traditional xató sauce.

The Carnival will officially commence on Thursday February 4th with the arrival of King Carnival (”Rei Carnestoltes”) at the Pont d´en Domènech and with the opening ceremony that follows. Shortly after, the Carnival Queen will be presented at la Fragata and will parade with her court along the main streets of the city center. The event will continue until Ash Wednesday, the 10th of February. On this day the festival will come to an end with the traditional Burial of the Sardine (”Enterrament de la sardine”).

For the younger children there will be several children’s carnival parades in which they can also participate. These parades will also be held on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon.

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The Debauchery Parade & The Extermination Parade

The two most festive parades of the carnival are the Debauchery Parade (”Rua de la Disbauxa”) and the Extermination Parade (”Rua de l’Extermini”). These parades both take place in the evening.

  • The Debauchery Parade
    When: Sunday 7th of February
    Route: Cap de la Vila, Sant Francesc, Espalter, Pl. Pou Vedre, Bassa Rodona, Ribera (montaña), Fragata, Ribera (mar), Av. Sofia, Pl., Mossèn Llopis, Pou Vedre, Espalter, Sant Francesc y Cap de la Vila
  • The Extermination Parade
    When: Tuesday 9th of February
    Route: Cap de la Vila, Sant Francesc, Espalter, Pl. Pou Vedre, Bassa Rodona, Ribera (montaña), Fragata, Ribera (mar), Av. Sofia, Pl., Mossèn Llopis, Pou Vedre, Espalter, Sant Francesc y Cap de la Vila.

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During Carnival week, the city of Sitges floods with party people. Bars and nightclubs host a seemingly endless list of parties all week long and stay open until the wee hours of the night for the younger crowd. For some of our favorite venues, check out the Best Clubs of Sitges.

If you´re looking for a more quiet Carnival celebration to enjoy with your family, we recommend heading over to Carnival in Barcelona. Barcelona is only about 30 kilometres from Sitges and very easily accessible.

Transport Barcelona-Sitges

There are three ways to get from Barcelona to Sitges and back.

  • Car:
    The C-32 tollroad connects Barcelona with Sitges. You will be there in about 30 minutes.
  • Bus:
    The bus company Monbus can bring you from Barcelona to Sitges and back. Check their website for timetables and prices.
  • Train:
    Railway company Renfe has train connections between Barcelona and Sitges. The trip will take around 40 minutes. You have to take the R2 Southline. For timetables and prices check the Renfe website. If you are looking for accommodation near Sants Estació, Barcelona´s main train station, check out our Apartments in Sants Montjuic.

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