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four phase plan

Four phase plan of Spain

Four phase plan of Spain

Every country handles the situation differently, Spain chose to stick to a four phase plan. In this article we want to give you some information about this plan. What does it mean for the country, for traveling, and for you. What kind of changes are coming up and what do they mean. Not only is this article about giving information. But we also want to give you some tips on how to spend your new freedom. What to do when you can go outside and how to still spend this time safely. But first we are going to start with the explanation of the four phase plan.

Four phase plan

The prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced his government’s plan for the transition towards a new normality on Tuesday 28 April. This plan takes place over four phases. The plan is to relax the restrictions in a gradual, flexible and adaptive way. The de-escalation to a new normality officially started on Monday 4 May and will last eight weeks, until the end of June. The best case scenario is six weeks and the maximum duration is eight weeks. By the end of June, the country will have entered into the new normality if the epidemic remains under control. The four phase plan does not contain exact dates for the reopening of businesses, bars, hotels and restaurants. And the de-escalation measures will depend on the on-going progress across the different regions of Spain to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

Phase zero

Phase zero Barcelona-Home

Phase zero is the ‘preparation phase’ for the de-escalation and is currently underway. This phase includes allowing children out for daily walks and exercise from Sunday 26 April. From Saturday 2 May adults are also allowed to go outside for a daily walk and exercise. There are set time slots for when people can leave their homes. Adults can go outside by theirselves or with one member of their household between 6am and 10am, or between 8pm and 11pm. Children are allowed to go outside between 12pm and 7pm. And seniors (over 70 years) or people that require a caregiver have their own time slots as well. They can go outside between 10am and 12pm or 7pm to 9pm. Beaches remain closed but are sometimes open for walks and exercise.

Phase one

Phase one Barcelona-Home

From 10 May phase one will commence. This phase will allow the ‘initial reopening’ of small businesses, with ‘security measures’ and social distancing in place. During phase one the relaxing of restrictions regarding the use of private vehicles will still be subject to regulations. Restaurant terraces could be allowed to open at up to 50% capacity and hotels could be allowed to reopen at 30% capacity. But the communal areas will remain closed. For elderly people there will be preferential time slots to use these establishments. Some libraries and museums could also reopen. Another big change is that during phase one citizens will be allowed to meet with friends or family in their homes in the same province. But precise details of how many people can meet and under what conditions will be announced at a later date.

Phase two

Phase two Barcelona-Home

Phase two if referred to as the ‘intermediate phase’. It would take place approximately from 25 May. This phase would allow restaurants with terraces, theatres and cinemas to reopen with limitations. Restaurants (inside) will be allowed to reopen but only with a third of its capacity, and with table service only. Cinemas and theatres will also reopen with only a third of capacity. Outdoor cultural events during phase two could be held with a maximum of 400 people. But only when seated and with social distancing measures in place. Cultural gatherings inside could be held with a maximum of 50 people. Historic visitor attractions and monuments could be allowed to reopen during this phase, but only with a third capacity. And only with pre-arranged groups or guided visits.

Phase three

Phase three Barcelona-Home

The last phase, phase three, will commence from around 10 June. This phase will see further measures relaxed before the ‘new normality’. As well as allowing more flexible and free movement across Spain and between regions. The use of face masks will remain recommended for all citizens. All previous mentioned establishments are now able to increase to 50% capacity. This of course depends on the overall progress in combating the pandemic. Retail shops could also be allowed to start reopening at 50% capacity. Outdoor cultural events could now be held with a maximum of 800 people. But these events still need to be seated and with social distancing measures in place. In the last phase the beaches could finally be reopened, as well as hotel communal areas such as swimming pools. But this all depends on the region and province.

Charity Miles

Now that Spain is in phase zero people can finally go outside, why not give your walks a purpose? This is exactly what Charity Miles does. Open the app choose a charity and start your workout. You can choose between walking, running or cycling. For each completed mile, you’ll have earned a donation for your chosen charity. The basic rate is 25 cents for walking and running miles and 10 cents for cycling. During your workout you can view your exercise time and miles. When your workout is done you must post it on FaceBook or Twitter in order to accept the sponsorship and earn money for your charity. The app also gives you the opportunity to form teams, work together and raise money for charities. This isn’t the best app to track your workouts.

MotionX GPS

Another great app to try out during the four phase plan is MotionX GPS. This app lets your track your walks and other outdoor activities, showing your time, speed, and distance and displaying your route on a map. It has an interactive stopwatch with live voice coaching. The best feature of this app is that you can download and store maps for offline use. This is very handy if your are in an area where you don’t have any phone service or if you are in a different country. They have worldwide maps, and 14 different kinds of maps to choose from. These include topographic, road maps, satellite view, Google and Bing maps. If you want to know more about where you are during your walks. This app has its own Wikipedia integration, so you can “be your own tour guide”.


This app is not a traditional training app, because it’s not mainly based on workout exercises. FitRadio is an app with music and remixes to keep the outdoor athlete motivated. It can push the listener during a tough uphill climb. Just input your planned running/cycling/climbing cadence ahead of time and the app will suggest a playlist for this workout. Why do you need this app? Because there is nothing worse than being in the zone during a run and having a super-slow-tempo song come on and mess with your momentum.

Hopefully we gave you some great new apps to enjoy your freedom some more during the four phases. If you have a great new cool app that people should know about? Post them in the comments!


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