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Veden juominen

When it comes to drinking water in Barcelona, ​​many people have different opinions on the matter. We recommend that you do not drink water from the tap. The water is drinkable, but it is by no means the best tasting. Barcelona’s public health authorities have recognized the water drinkable in sex, and there are no health risks. Tap water can be used for cooking, but if you drink water throughout the day, that’s another story. Barcelona’s restaurants offer only bottled water. Water bottles are cheap. Can not get a big bottle shop by, but the grocery store it costs approx. 40 cents. Restaurants will raise water prices much, for a small bottle of water can cost up to € 1.50. The transaction also receives large 5-liter bottles, which is a good idea to keep inside the apartment, and they cost about EUR 1.50.

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