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Feedback Landlord Barcelona-Home

Ivan Fernandez, Barcelona
Property owner

Hello, I am really happy to see that Barcelona-Home appreciates the opinion of its property owners and therefore I would like to submit mine as well. I was looking for a platform to publish and manage my apartments because I do not have time to manage them by myself. I have a good partnership with Barcelona-home and they offer a comprehensive service. I found the company because a friend of mine is working there and she suggested me to use the service of the company. I went to the company to have a face to face meeting and I realized that they can take care of all the check in and out, which takes normally a lot of time.

There is a cleaning team who always ensures the apartment is perfectly cleaned before the check-in and through which I always get excellent reviews and compliments regarding the cleanness. I also asked them to take care of the inventory control and after the departure of tenants, they check if the apartment is in a good condition. Whenever there are any damages they take care of it together with the guest.

Besides that, they also helped with finding the right price regarding occupancy and profitability. I am happy to always receive my revenue even if they offer discounts and promotions for my apartments. They also publish ads for my properties in international portals which increased the demand even more. They basically have the responsibility for the apartment which allows me to concentrate on my other businesses. I really can not complain about the service! Also, my friend gave me some insights about how working there is and they treat their employees kind and fair and according to her, the working atmosphere is amazing as well.

Every time I get good reviews or compliments from tenants I feel that I am actually on the right track. Since my apartments are all of the time booked and I do live at my own place I hardly have any work with the properties which gives me time to do other things. However, Barcelona-home also helped me with renovating my own home and I admire it a lot.

I really appreciate the service of the company and I am happy to work together with them!

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Written by: Barcelona-Home


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