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February 21st - International Mother Language Day!

February 21st – International Mother Language Day!

February 21 is globally known as International Mother Language day. Never heard of it before? Well, UNESCO founded it in 2000. This day stands for cultural and linguistic diversity. We are able to celebrate and cherish our own diversity and the beauty in knowing a language another doesn’t know and vice versa. Language is what ultimately unites us but it also has the possibility of separating us through language barriers! However, having said this, our mother tongue is what makes us unique and we should all protect and promote multilingualism.


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¿Hablas un poco de español or catalan? Do you speak a little Catalan or Castellano?  Great! Catalan and Castellano are namely the mother tongues of  Barcelona. Many people think that Catalan is a dialect, however, it is an official language. Catalan is a language created by the romans and it has various forms and dialects. The language is spoken in different areas such as Catalonia and Valencia, but also in the country of Andorra and in some parts of France. Catalan is somewhat similar to French and also Castellano. As Barcelona is the capital of the region of Catalunya, many Catalans  live here, even though its becoming ever more diverse.

If you really want to make a good first impression, try to greet the locals in Catalan. This will be appreciated a lot as Catalunya wants to be acknowledged for its independence. Here’s a beginners guide if you’re not familiar with the language yet:

English Catalan guide

Uncomfortable with the idea of talking in a foreign language? No worries! Barcelona is, as previously mentioned, quite diverse. Being the home of people from all around the world. You have plenty of opportunities to meet new people, even from your own country. There are plenty of activities to do! Curious? See our activities.

Moreover, Linguapax delivers the International Linguapax Award in commemoration of the International Mother Language Day. The price is delivered towards linguists; researches; professors or leaders of the civil society, to acknowledge their work in linguistic diversity and multilingual education.

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