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Testimonial Barcelona-home

Family reviews from Andres, Barcelona
Property owner

Hola, my family is from Barcelona and our properties are managed by Barcelona-home and we are so glad. We sit back and see the reservations, reviews, and compliments from tenants who have been in our apartments. We have published all our properties on the Barcelona-home Website and we have bought a property recently and it is a villa where all the interior designing and renovation process has been assisted by Barcelona-home. We are so happy that the property turned out that good and we are planning to maybe move there instead of renting since it has 5 bedrooms with a swimming pool in the backyard. However, we will be renting two more apartments instead since we planned to move with our whole family into the villa.

The villa is located outside of Barcelona but the two apartments are really central to the very good condition of the building. We also renovated the apartments to make them look nicer. We had some apartments without a touristic license since we were only renting them for the long term guests with a fixed price but as suggested by Barcelona-home, we changed all of them to touristic apartments. We trust their opinion and the people working for the company since they are always really honest. When we went to the office for the first time to sign the contract, they took the time to help us with all requests. We gave them the keys and there are some clients who ask for duplicate keys, so we have two sets in advance which was helpful since they reminded me. The apartments are now fully furnished by Barcelona-home. Some of the apartments are shared apartments especially for the students who have been studying or working as an intern in Barcelona.

Thank you so much for considering our reviews and opinion for Barcelona-home. We would recommend to book or buy with the company always since the service is great. Also, many employees speak English and Spanish which is really good. We wish you good success for the development of the company.

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