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Fall in love with Barcelona through movies

Fall in love with Barcelona through movies

Stuck inside? Don’t worry, you can fall in love with Barcelona through movies. We have listed some of the most entertaining, scary and beautiful movies that were shot in Barcelona. On this list you are going to find movies you may already know and some unknown movies. So, you can rewatch or discover some films that were shot in Barcelona. Maybe you didn’t know some of these movies were even shot in Barcelona. So let’s just start with the list.

Vicky Christina Barcelona (Woody Allen)

Vicky Christina Barcelona home

The name maybe gives it away a little bit. But this movie, directed by Woody Allen, was shot in Barcelona. Woody Allen has always had a love for Barcelona. So after the success of Match Point and Scoop he chose Barcelona as his next European adventure.  The movie is about a very complicated love story between two women and a man. Scarlett Johanson and Penelope Cruz fight for the heart of Javier Bardem. The movie is funny and emotional at the same time, and gives us some of the most beautiful shots of Barcelona. Scenes are shot at the Barcelona Airport, Parc Güell, Parc de la Ciutadella, Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, the Ramblas and Tibidabo. During the shooting of the movie Woody Allen lived in an apartment in the Port Olimpic. Javier Bardem chose an apartment in El Born to live in.

All about my mother (Pedro Almodóvar)

All about my mother Barcelona home

This movie was shot at some of the most iconic places of Barcelona. It was set mostly around the Palau de la Música. The final scene is shot in the cemetery of Montjuïc which gives the movies a dramatic ending. All about my mother launched the international career of Almodóvar, after winning the Golden Globe, the Golden Lion at Cannes and the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film. The plot of the movie originates in Almodóvar’s previous movie The Flower Of My Secret. It shows student doctors being trained in how to persuade grieving families to donate organs of their dead relatives, focusing on the mother of a teenager killed in an accident. All about my mother centres around Manuela, an Argentine nurse. She oversees donor organ transplants in a hospital in Madrid. She is also a single mother to Esteban, a teenager who wants to be a writer.

Perfume: the story of a murderer (Tom Tykwer)

perfume Barcelona home

Although the film is set in the Paris of the 18th century, much of the film was actually shot in Barcelona. Some of the locations were Plaça de le Merce, Sant Felip Neri, Poble Espanyol, The Cathedral and the famous scene shot in Laberint d’Horta. The movie tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a serial killer. The movie starts with his death sentence, after this the movie shows you how he got there. Jean-Baptiste has a superhuman sense of smell, and creating the perfect perfume becomes an obsession for him. The whole film shows Grenouille trying to create and contain the perfect smell. His ways aren’t the most ethic to say the least, and this has something to do with his sentence at the end of the movie.

REC (Jaume Balagueró)

REC Barcelona home

REC is definitely the scariest movie on this list. It is also a Spanish movie and you don’t see a lot of Barcelona in it. But why is it still on this list? Because it takes place in a building at number 34 of the Rambla de Catalunya. In this movie you follow reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman Pablo. They follow a team of firefighters for the night and when they follow up with an emergency call things go west very quickly. One of the tenants bites an officer and when they try to move the officer to safety they find out that all of the exits are closed. After this they go on and investigate more and things just don’t work out too well. If you are in for a scary night whilst stuck in your own apartment in Barcelona then this is the movie for you.

Barcelona (Whit Stillman)

Barcelona Stillman Barcelona home

Once again the title sort of gives it away. This movie is about two Americans in Barcelona during the last decade of the Cold War. Stillman portrays with humor and intelligence the Barcelona from the 80s. The main character in Barcelona is Ted Boynton, a salesman from Chicago. He lives and works in Barcelona. His cousin Fred unexpectedly comes and stays with him. The cousins have a history of conflict since their childhood. Ted and Fred develop relationships with various single women in Barcelona. They also experience negative reactions of some of the community’s residents to the context of Fred’s presence. Ted also faces possible problems with his American employer and with the concept of attraction to physical beauty.

The Spanish Apartment (Cédric Klapisch)

The Spanish Apartment Barcelona home

If you are going to study in Barcelona then this is a great movie to watch. Or if you are still not sure maybe this movie can convince you. In this movie you follow a group of students on Erasmus studying Economics in Barcelona for one year. The main character is Xavier from France. But all of his roommates are from different countries. This is one of the best things about living abroad, you can learn so much from your roommates because everyone is from a different place. The movie is a little bit old but still shows you how student life can be in Barcelona. In the movie you get to see how roommates can become family. The Spanish Apartment is one of the best wanderlust-inducing films set in Barcelona.

The Cheetah Girls 2 (Kenny Ortega)

The Cheetah Girls 2 Barcelona home

Want to feel like a kid again and see beautiful Barcelona? Then this is the movie for you. Of course the movie was made for a younger audience but every one has guilty pleasure. If you have seen The Cheetah Girl 1 you know that the Cheetah Girls is a group of four young women trying to make it in the music industry. In the second movie they are accepted to perform at a music festival in Barcelona. During the whole movie you can see the girls sing and dance through the streets and by the hotspots of Barcelona. The movie is light and easy to watch and if you love musical movies then this is the one for you.

Barcelona; A Love Untold (Olivia Lamasan)

Barcelona a love untold Barcelona home

The youngest movie on the list is going to close it. Barcelona; A love Untold is a romantic Filipino film. Because of this the movie is in English and Filipino. This film has won the Best Picture award in the 2017 Filipino version of the Oscars. The movie follows Ely, a determined young man trying to balance his career, studies and getting over a girl. He does this while he is living in Barcelona. Then he meets Mia. She is a young woman who moved to Spain in search of a fresh start after a series of mistakes back home. The pair attempts to move on together from the past. But of course it doesn’t run smoothly. This movie has a lot of scenes shot in beautiful places, so it is a must if you want to get to know more about Barcelona from you couch.

Don’t feel like watching a movie?

If you don’t feel like watching a movie tonight we’ve got plenty of other tips as well. If you would like to read more about Barcelona than go and check out our other articles about this beautiful city. In the mood for some delicious Spanish food and a good cocktails? We’ve got you covered as well!

Any great movies shot in Barcelona that we missed? Don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments!

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