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Employee review for Barcelona-Home

Employee review for Barcelona home
Kristine from Italy
Lucian Blaga University, Romania

Hello and thank you for considering my feedback regarding my opinion and experience from working together with the Barcelona-Home team. It was an immense pleasure every day and I am delightful to share my experience with you. I came here as an intern and then I got promoted as an employee for the position of a Marketing assistant which just happened because of the possibility to improve my interpersonal skills during my six month internship. I like the fact that you get the chance to become a permanent in the company if you perform really well during the internship.

Working at Barcelona-Home can further your career and is a good opportunity if you want to learn a lot. Besides that, you get a certificate after finishing your internship which looks really good in the CV. If you want to work in a vacation rental company afterwards, it can also help you because Barcelona-Home is known in that sector already. The company recruits interns in different fields and tracks their performance during the internship in order to evaluate the development.

Since I speak Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English and a little bit of German and Russian, I got the position. Speaking many languages is valued a lot because the working environment and the clients consists of people from all over the world. There is the possibility to develop your communication skills in different languages during an internship in Barcelona-home because you work in such an international team. It creates a win-win situation for everyone who works at the company and if you manage to improve your language skills, you have better chances to get promoted after the internship. The working hours are as usual which is good for me since I like to start in the morning. However, you are also asked to come in on Weekends sometimes because it is better to have meetings then since there are less people in the office and the management team has even more time for you.

My suggestion for the upcoming interns and future employees would be to focus on your tasks and concentrate on each project. That leads to a positive result and it will be appreciated a lot by the company. I want to thank the HR team of Barcelona-Home for giving me the chance to learn so much and also I’d like to thank my former team for working together in such a friendly way.

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