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Customer Experience Barcelona-Home

Barcelona-home reviews from Alexander


Hello and thank you for considering my review!

I’ve been looking for an apartment on the Barcelona-Home Website for the first time two years ago. That was when I was going on summer vacations with some of my friends. We were really satisfied with the service and one of the agents of the company was assisting me at booking the apartment. It was not that easy to find an apartment, because we were 15 people and we all wanted to stay at the same place. In the end, we found the perfect apartment and those holidays were so amazing, I will probably remember that trip for ever. I was even lucky enough to meet my girlfriend during that time.

Because of her, I have now moved to Barcelona permanently one year ago. I’m living in an apartment with her which we also rent through the Barcelona-Home Website but it’s a yearly rent. Since we are not born and raised in Barcelona, it was a little bit hard in the beginning to get to know the good places. Luckily, we found a lot of information on the Barcelona-Home Blog and Guide. Now we are so in love with the city and we really enjoy living here. The area in which our apartment is located is calm but still close to metro, with which you can easily go around the city.  It is very beautifully decorated and there wasn’t anything missing. Only a few minutes away you will find The Ciutadella Park that is one of the best places in the city for nice promenades and I love to spend my weekends there. If you head to the other direction, you can also wander in the small alleys of the Born and Gothic quarters. I really enjoy having there a little break from the crowded city. Additionally, the apartment is easily linked to other neighborhoods thanks to public transport, for example, the metro station Jaume 1 is in a walking distance. Thus, the location will allow you to see and experience all the different sides of Barcelona.

We are really happy that we can live in Barcelona together and that it was so easy for us to find a nice flat. We would like to thank Barcelona-Home for the great service!

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