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    In here, you can find all the best places and services in Barcelona. Plan you trip while consulting our blog, and enjoy your stay in this beautiful city!

Best amusement parks in Barcelona

Ice Cream Party-2

Are you looking for the ultimate kick? Do you love the feeling of adrenalin in your streaks? Amusement parks are a great activity for you and your friends. And of course, when visiting Barcelona you don’t have to miss these ...

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Barcelona’s Top Tapas Restaurants

tapas - Barcelona-home

Barcelona’s Top Tapas Restaurants Spanish restaurants and cuisine, in general, are nothing without tapas. It’s known even by the people that haven’t even been to Spain. It’s kind of a snack or an appetiser. You can eat it cold – ...

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Top 5 Churrerías in Barcelona

Churros - Barcelona-home

Top 5 Churrerías in Barcelona Warm, caramelised, doughy and sweet. Who doesn’t love churros? Be it for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner, these sugary treats are a delight. To fulfil your sugar cravings with something uniquely Spanish, be sure ...

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Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona


With its vibrant nightlife and great dining culture, it´s no surprise that Barcelona is also one of the cocktail capitals of Europe. Although a nice sangria on the beach or a frosty Moritz on a sunny plaza certainly hits the ...

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Underrated museums in Barcelona

museums in Barcelona ; Barcelona-Home

You know Barcelona and its ranked best attractions and museum. For sure, you heard a lot about the Fundació Joan Miró and the National Art Museum of Catalunya. However, we believe that there are different museums, galleries, in Barcelona that deserve more ...

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Alternative ways to see Barcelona

Alternative ways to see Barcelona

If you are looking to visit Barcelona but you want to do it in an original and fun way, we might have some ideas for you. From visiting the main attractions of the city in a Go Car, a Segway ...

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Best language schools in Barcelona

hablas espagnol

If you are planning to do a trip to Barcelona, to improve your Spanish or just to learn it, keep reading our article to know the best languages school in Barcelona. One of the main things that you need to ...

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