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Using the Buses in Barcelona

Buses in Barcelona

Using the Buses in Barcelona is a breeze, Barcelona has a large transport system which consists of over 1000 buses that operate on 80 different routes and connect all the city’s districts and the metropolitan area.  An obvious feature is that all of the buses have low floors which are adapted for citizens with reduced mobility. Transport passes can be used on the metro, Barcelona’s tram, city-centre lines of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat (FGC) and Renfe trains. Barcelona also has a night-bus service (Nit Bus) which serves most of the city and its suburban area.


Barcelona has an integrated fare system on all their transports. This allows the passenger to use the public transport network in Barcelona within the time period of 1 hour and 15 minutes which counts as one journey. This can be seen through the popular T-10 travel card which is valid for 10 journeys (each journey allows the use of various other transports within the time period). The public transport network includes the metro, buses, tram and suburban rail. There are various, different types of travel cards and transport passes available and therefore also various prices. Check the TMB official website to see them all.


The running times may vary according to the bus route. The average frequency of the bus service is between 20 and 30 minutes however you can view the running times on each of the bus stops if you are keen! Most services begin at 4.25am and end at 11pm.

In regards to the night bus services, they usually begin between 10.40pm and 11.40pm and end between 5am and 6am. They all stop at or depart from Barcelona’s Plaça de Catalunya.

Regional buses

Destination – Costa Brava

Destination – Madrid, Tarragona, Andalucia, Asturias, Zaragoza, Italy, France, Portugal, Poland

La Rápida
Destination – Conca, Terol

Destination – Salamanca, Soria

Destination – France, Italy, London, Morocco

Destination – Germany, France, Netherlands

Destination – Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, London, Morocco

Destination – Poland

Tel: 915280890
Destination – Madrid, Zaragoza, Poland

Destination – Madrid, Zaragoza, Poland


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