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Best Yoga places in Barcelona

Sometimes when you find yourself in a new place or a new country it can be disorienting to find the perfect place for your yoga practice. This will not happen to you in Barcelona! Whether you are coming to yoga for the first time or you are looking to continue your practice at an advanced level, there are a number of beautiful and peaceful yoga places in Barcelona to help you continue in your raising. You can find more traditional, natural and green places or creative and modern places in the heart of the city for your practice. Here are Barcelona-Home’s ideas of the Best Yoga places in Barcelona for your stay.

The Beach

The  Beach can be one of the best places for your relaxation. Barceloneta is a giant public beach where privacy can be found if you walk enough. It is a nice location for some sun-salutations or mindful meditation, where you can be the part of all the surrounding elements.

beach yoga Barcelona

Into the Wild Spaces (on the beach):
Address: Passeig Marítim, 17

If you would like to spend more fun and active time you can rent a paddleboard nearby the beach in the hidden tiny street of Carrer del Mar, and try to balance in the asanas on the top of the not always calm water. You can also attend a class in the evening with your SUP (stand up paddleboard) for a couple of enjoyable hours. For those who want to be separated from the crowd of tourists during their yoga time, it is a great opportunity to see more natural local beaches farther from the central beach of Barcelona. The only thing you have to do is to buy a train ticket and from here the adventure can begin!

Manihi Surf School (Paddleboard yoga):
Address: Carrer de Meer, 47

The Park

The asana does not have to be connected with your yoga mat on the floor in a yoga studio. Actually, it rather should be closer to nature and to the Mother Earth. Go out to one of the beautiful parks in the city and breath a bit deeper, make your ribs wider and your spine long. Play with your balance on the not perfect horizontal ground, feel the soft touch of the grass and enjoy your time. Get the feeling of being a part of nature!

park yoga Barcelona

The Parc de la Ciutadella is a huge green area filled with amazing historical pieces of architecture, placed in the city center just nearby the central beach. This park offers you that special place for your mat, blanket or towel. At this park, you can meet up and join one of the classes held by certified yoga instructors almost every day. The meeting point before the class is the main entrance from the side of the ZOO, close to Franca railway station. Look up for the best matching class for you and surprise yourself with this beautiful experience in the heart of the living nature. You do not have to travel to North-Indian mountains, you can feel the same dose of peace and harmony here in Barcelona. The sessions are for all levels. Working not only on the physical part but also practice the philosophy, mantras, meditation and breathing, to achieve a free mind, body and soul while finding harmony with ourselves and our surrounding.

Anaÿs •• Sÿana Yoga:
Address: Passeig de Circumvaŀlació, 1
Parc entrance from the side of Zoo

The Rooftops

If you’re only here for few days, but still want to stretch your body and calm down your mind for a while, then try escaping the tops of the buildings downtown.  It doesn’t take a long time to reach these studios, the most of them are located in the most known areas of the old town near to La Rambla. So do not be lazy, climb the stairs of the historical buildings and relax on the rooftop terraces during the sunset. Salute the sun and finish your day like a pro-yogi in a fun new location.

Rooftop yoga Barcelona

There is nothing more relaxing than feel the warm shine of the setting sun while meditating in Shavasana at these unique urban places in Barcelona.

Yoga Weeks Barcelona:
Adress: 40, Carme street Pral-2

Local studios

In the artistic area close to the beautiful Palau de la Musica Catalana, many of the small galleries are transforming from manufactures places offering a big amount of various artistic workshops to places which are offering various yoga classes in the evenings. It doesn’t depend if you looking for a Hatha, Vinyasa or Ashtanga flow, you are able to find all of them! In this neighborhood full of open-minded inspiring people, you will feel the positive energy in the narrow colorful streets full of crafts and arts.

local yoga studios Barcelona

Energize and feel free yourself, and maybe you will feel joining this class surrounded with amazing exhibitions of a famous local artist.

Paella Showroom (Yoga with art):
Address: Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 48

For the high-quality music lover, it is recommended joining a yoga studio with the live music accompanied classes in the Gothic neighborhood. you are able to find all of them! In this neighborhood full of open-minded inspiring people you will feel the positive energy in the narrow colorful streets full of crafts and arts. This will maximise your yoga experience, and they are created by a couple of a cellist and a dancer yogini. It is a project to combine the healing world of yoga and energy of the live music.

YO/MU (Live music):
Address: Carrer dels Còdols, 23

The cozy yoga apartments

Make it comfortable! The autumn is coming and on the rainy days when you just want to stay at your place and relax, the cozy yoga apartments can offer the best place for the asanas. The apartments have a lot of natural light, big windows and all of them enough floor space to practice. Most of them are carpeted too, which is great for making your asanas more comfortable. The zen or yoga style decorated apartments will help to calm you down and restore your harmony while reaching the balance between your mind and body.

yoga apartment Barcelona

Enjoy your stay in Barcelona with Barcelona-Home and do some yoga with us!


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