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Best team building activities in Barcelona

Team building activities are an excellent way to get to connect with your group and learn how to work together. Not only will it create a bigger bond with your fellow colleagues, these games can also reduce employee stress and it will overall have a positive effect on the working atmosphere in the office. But how do you find activities that are suitable for everyone? We at Barcelona-Home have collected a few of the best team building activities for you to do in Barcelona.

Vesping activities

Vesping is a company established in Barcelona that was the pioneers in the field of rental Vespa in the city of Barcelona. But, in addition to the traditional service, Vesping is also specialized in Private and Corporate events such as Team Building. They offer programs to strengthen the collaboration and the friendship among the employees of a company thanks to the multitude of fun activities and interesting offers. These activities are tailored to the type of team building program that you want to implement in order to ensure a reduction in potential business conflicts.

Address:  Pasaje Simó, 24, Barcelona
(+34) 93 66 77 877
Web:  Vesping

Escape room

Escape rooms are one of the best team-building activities to do. Why? Because the key to win the game is teamwork and communication. Escape rooms are live action games in which you get locked in a room, and you will need to get out of the room before the time ends by solving puzzles and riddles. Use all your intelligence and ability to solve the chosen mystery and manage to escape before 1-hour passes.


Escape Hunt Experience Barcelona has a few of the most thrilling games in store for you. Choose for example the ‘’Mystery of Gaudi’’ or ‘’The Vampires of Barcelona’’ The company specializes in corporate events, they will create an ideal program for you that can be adapted to group sizes between 12 and 70 people. Just tell them your wants and needs and they will do their best to make the event a big success.

If you are looking for other escape rooms, we’ve collected a few of the best escape rooms in Barcelona, check it out here!

The Paella Club

The Paella Club is a great option if you are looking to add a bit of Spanish culture into the team-building activity. The Paella Club is neither a cooking class school nor a restaurant. It is an unforgettable fully immersive kitchen experience that will have you blending ingredients of the highest quality into mouth-watering Paellas.

Classes at The Paella Club have you dive straight in with 8 workstations for up to 16 people. It offers a variety of experiences:

• Amuse Bouche: If you are short on time, but you still want to make most out of it, this is the one for you. Usually, these sessions are held during the daytime and last approximately 90 minutes. Check out more information here!
• Appetiser: For those who have a little more time on their sleeves, this experience will add a few more benefits to the ”’Amuse Bouche” program. These sessions last approximately 2 hours, check out more about their program here.
• Full Menu: This is the full complete experience. Learn all the ins and outs of paella making. It doesn’t only include paella making but also a few goodies to take home with you, that will always make your remember your first time to make paella. The duration of this experience is approximately 3 hours, check out more details here.

No matter which option you will go for, you will have a wonderful and memorable experience, a night filled with amazing food, amazing hosts, and overall just an amazing atmosphere. Check out everything here and book your paella experience!

Mosaic workshop

Barcelona is home of some of the greatest works from Antoni Gaudí. His work can be found in Parc Güell, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera and Sagrada FamíliaLearn his secret by participating with your group in a mosaic workshop and making your own mosaics.


During the workshop, you will learn about using a technique known as the Trencadís, that Gaudí also made use of. Besides that, you will learn how to use each tool while making your own artwork with the design and colors you’ve picked out. In the end, you can take your piece home with you. The workshop will include all the necessary equipment, informative and professional instructors and explanations will be available in English, Catalan, Spanish and German.

Find out more here!

Mountain biking

Get active with your team and go on an exciting mountain bike tour in a natural park. This will be both fun as well as a good exercise outdoors. During the tour that will last around 2 to 3 hours, the team will have to do multiple challenges and circuits in a time frame, while still enjoying the beauty of the nature in Barcelona. To experience this mountain biking tour the team needs to exist out of at least 20 people. Get more information here.

Street art tour + Graffiti workshop

Barcelona has filled with beautiful alternative street art all around. During this day you will be turned in an artist, you will follow a street artist all around the hidden gems in the Raval area of the city. After seeing lots of street art, graffiti and stickers and understanding how they came to life, you’ll take part in a graffiti workshop under the guidance of the artist where you can practice your talents. On the workshop, you will be able to work with spray paints and personalize your own bag to take with you as a memory. You can also create your own stickers.

All the necessary materials for the tour and the workshop are included. The duration of the total event will be around 2,5 hours: 1 hour and 30 mins for the walking tour & 1 hour for the workshop. Find out more here and read our Street Art Itinerary if you are interested in learning more about street art!

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  1. That’s funny because my boss was thinking about team building activities we could do together and he only thought about volleyball… I will suggest him one of these that look way more fun and not so basic!

  2. Great to hear about the Mosaic workshop, that was totally new information for me!

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