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Best surfing spots in Barcelona and near to the city

Spain is famous for its rich culture, intriguing history, amazing cuisine yet additionally great coasts. Patience is a decent quality, particularly with regards to surfing on the Mediterranean shore of Spain. The individuals who have it – in the south and north of Barcelona, will find various options for water sports. In this article, we will present our list of best surfing spots in Barcelona or near the city.


Barceloneta Beach is named Nº 1 urban beach in the world by National Geographic, is the most visited beach during the summer. In the mid year, it is practically difficult to discover a place to put things. The most part of surfing is when visitors leave in the winter, the Mediterranean awakens! Regardless of the way that Barcelona is not a perfect place for surfing, here you will discover a lot of enthusiastic surfers of all levels. You will initially find individuals who initially beat the waves, and in addition a few experts. The best course of the breeze is from the west, however, the waves can change upon the season, the breeze and the bearing of swelling. The most appropriate time for surfing on the Barceloneta beach is from October to March. Winter is the best time of year for surfing here. Playa de la Barceloneta in Catalonia is an open air beach with entirely consistent surfing … Be cautious with solid tears here. By and large, local people here are friendly, so take a chance to speak with them!


The Killers used to be a “secret place“, which just nearby locals knew about. Since this has changed, and everybody likes to surf in this place, you will comprehend why local people needed to keep this place in mystery from visitors. At the point when the conditions are just right, Killers turns into a perfect place for surfing. The waves here, as in the other two spots I specified before, can be from 1 to 6 feet in height. The waves here are more powerful than in other parts of Barcelona`s coast, and you can break with all high tides. The Killers Hotel has free parking if you want to come by car. On the off chance that you are coming by metro, take the yellow lines to Selva Del Mar, and you will discover Killers in the Forum region.



Here you will see the longest waves of the region, situated in the north of Barcelona. Wind waves fill the waves in Masnou, up to one and a half meters. In any case, bits of gossip reveal to us that it can grow to three meters when the Mediterranean turns out to be rough. The waves here are in a superior condition when the winter comes, and the breeze starts to rage toward the east and southeast. Despite what level you are surfing, Masnou has huge waves so you can catch. However Masnou is a tourist center for Barcelona, so most probably you will find activities for your stay.


#Rio Besos

Albeit most places on the coast of Catalonia are shoreline breaks, this one is unique in comparison to all the rest. In Río Besos, waves break on a rough point to the right side, which implies that it is a point break. What’s more, this is by all account not the only difference. This place is situated at the mouth of the Besos River in Sant Adria de Besos, under ten kilometers north of Barcelona. This is a secret stone among the Catalan surfing spots for further developed surfers.

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#The Cemetery

The Cemetery is one of the best surfing places near Barcelona is just in front of the city’s graveyard. It is a place in Sitges with a long tradition of surfing. This is one of the most loved spots for Catalan longboarders. The city offers significantly more than only a mainstream beach, it likewise has delightful seafood restaurants and a vivid nightlife. Since this is such a well-known place, parking can be confusing. But despite all the trouble with great conditions, sweet barrels on this shoreline are totally justified. The place near the Sitges cemetery gave this place its name.

Expressive and dramatic sea coast

If you need accommodation not far from the above-listed places, choose the region of interest on our website. Enjoy Barcelona!

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  1. I’m looking forward to trying the spots you mentioned! I’m a huge surfer lover from Biarritz and I’m coming soon for holidays with my mates, happy to hear that we will be able to do what we love the most!

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