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The best Hiking Trails around Barcelona

The best Hiking Trails around Barcelona

The best Hiking Trails around Barcelona

Spain is a very beautiful country that has so many different things to offer, from culture, to a great climate, till a broad landscape. During the whole year you will find a very pleasant climate that will give you the opportunity to enjoy many different things in almost every time of the year. When you are a real fan of hiking, this article is perfect for you! There are many hiking trails around Barcelona that you can do and enjoy. So, are you planning a trip to Barcelona and do you want to combine your city trip with a day or more with hiking in the surroundings? Then read this article about ‘The best Hiking Trails around Barcelona”.

1. Montserrat Natural Park


Very close to Barcelona lies the beautiful Natural Park of Montserrat that is definitely worth a visit. You should definitely make a one-day trip to Montserrat Natural Park to see different parts of the Llobregat River and the pre-coastal mountain range, together with an incredible nature. The Natural Park has more than 1250 species of plants, mostly characterised by tropical and Mediterranean shrubs, but is also called the home of some of the most beautiful oak tree forests of the whole of Spain. Besides the incredible nature, you will also find many different types of birds as well as geckos, wild goats and many other animals. The Montserrat Natural Park has five different hiking trails that you could walk and who differ in length and difficulty. On the other hand you can also climb the mountain if that is more for you!

2. Tibidabo Mountain

tibidabo mountain

Tibidabo is a very beautiful mountain that overlooks the whole city of Barcelona and it is definitely the most popular hill surrounding Barcelona. Next to the big amusement park that is located on top of the mountain, you are also able to do some great hiking trails there. You definitely won’t regret going there with the breath-taking views it has to offer. It is the tallest mountain of the Serra de Collserola mountain range, reaching over 510 meters. There are several routes that will take you to the top of the hill. You can combine your hike very well with a visit to the Parc del Tibidabo, one of the oldest amusement parks of Europe, which opened in 1905. The famous Roman Catholic church that is located on top of the mountain can be seen through the whole city. Close to the church you will find a communications tower that was built in 1991 for the Summer Olympics held in Barcelona in 1992.

3. Parque Natural del Montseny

parque natural del montseny

The Montseny Natural Park is around 40 kilometres northeast from Barcelona. This is another amazing hiking option that you should definitely keep in mind when you are planning a hiking day trip. The Natural Park is made up of the Montseny massif, a mountain range that was named a Natural Park back in 1987 by the Government of Catalonia. The region has an incredible nature and has many natural springs. With all of these, the Montseny is able to supply almost 50 percent of Spain with bottled water! The park is amazing hiking territory! There are three different routes, which contain of small routes that are more for the ones that want to walk and relax, and the routes that are for the ones that want to greatest hiking experience!

4. Vall de Núria

Vall de Núria

Vall de Núria is the perfect spot to go to when you want to hike in a gorgeous green valley. The only thing you need for this day trip are your hiking boots, comfy mountain clothes and a bottle of water. If you want you can join one of the ‘expeditions’ which have different difficulty grades, for beginners to the daredevils who have some more experience. The area is also very popular during the winter season for snow sports. The Vall de Núria is a valley with a rich history which can be explored in a relaxed day visit or as an extended tour of the Catalan culture and nature. It is even a great place to camp when the temperatures allow it. Be aware that during the winter season the temperatures can be less popular.

5. Parc del Garraf

parc del garraf

Parc del Garraf is an area which is around 30 minutes away from Barcelona, but very easy to reach by car or train. It is a scenic park that is close to the Sitges coast, and which offers a range of different trails for hikers and also cyclists. It is definitely recommended to take a guided tour through the Parc del Garraf, which will give you a very clear view of the Mediterranean terrain. You will see things as the Plana Novella, a buddhist monastery, as well as the Campdàsens, a private property housing ancient castle ruins that are now used as farmhouses. Here, you can even take yoga and meditation classes to relax a bit during your visit. It is a very unique park, since it has a great Tibetan history and architecture that is situated within 30 kilometres of sparse vegetation, caves and limestone hills.

6. Costa Brava

costa brava 2

The beautiful coast of the Costa Brava will give you a great view of the Girona Pyrenees. The meaning of Costa Brava, which is rugged coast, is definitely very accurate. There are many cliffs and coves that overlook the Mediterranean and the French border. The favorite coastal foot trail is the Camins de Ronda, which leads hikers through fishing villages, white sand beaches and isolated caves. The Costa Brava is located in the north of Barcelona and is certainly worth the visit, especially during the summer season.

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