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Best Escape Rooms in Barcelona

Do you love Barcelona and have seen all the well-known sightseeing? Then you need to try something new. Barcelona has some of the best escape rooms with different themes. Escape rooms is an incredible adventure, where the adventures are lived by you and your friends. The rules in the escape rooms are simple. Use all your intelligence and ability to solve the chosen mystery and manage to escape before 1 hour passes. Can you make it in one of the Best Escape Rooms in Barcelona?

Experience the Best Escape rooms in Barcelona by visiting any of these places:


Going in will be very easy. A door will be open for you, and you will get into a room with different objects inside. All of them are there for a reason, nothing by chance. The elements that aren’t part of the game will be marked, so you don’t lose time and you can focus on getting together all the pieces. Going out won’t be so easy! You will live a unique experience, positive, thrilling, and at the same time different to the rest of options of leisure in Barcelona. Don’t worry about the language, the Enigma team can represent the role of Colonel Mendoza and guide you through the experience totally in English!

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Address: Carrer de les Acàcies 38| 08027 Barcelona
Opening hours: Sunday – Saturday 10:15 am – 9:30 pm
Phone: +34 931 42 66 38

Chicken Banana

Chicken Banana created a new live escape game in Barcelona ideal for teams of 3-6 players. Besides solving puzzles and mysteries you may encounter unexpected surprises during the one hour of game time. You may need not only to form a team but to think with your friends’ mind in order to complete the mission. Who knows, you may discover an unknown side of yourself, or of your teammates. Now the question is if you will escape in time. Try the Mafia, New Prison or scary Psychiatry room.

Address: Carrer de Rocafort 12-20 | Bajos 3, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
Opening hours: Sunday – Saturday 10:20 am – 11:00 pm

Kidnapped in BCN

The Kidnappers are the Dream Team in the criminal world. Professionals organized to perpetrate all kinds of crimes and make people obey blindly. In the group structure, they usually make a “work division”, with a boss that make the plans, various executors and personnel prepared to assure the success of a mission. Each and every one of its members has a distinct personality and typical skills. It’s your job to escape from the kidnappers, so you can walk on the pretty streets of Barcelona again.

Address: Travessera de Les Corts 84 | Barcelona, 08029 Barcelona, Spain
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Simulacre VUIT Room Escape

In the Amazonas simulacrum, you will be surrounded by nature so the environment won’t be easy for you. And in the Andana 9 3/4, you will travel to the world of magic, in the school of magic and sorcery like if you were in a Harry Potter’s movie. The Dark Lord has put many magic traps and you must use your skills, see beyond magic and not lose yourself through the hidden halls of the castle. Would you be able to get out of your mission successfully, while another team is competing against you to join the VUIT team? To achieve it, you will have the chance to delay the other team, see their performance and overtake them at any time.

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Address: Varsovia, 15 | Barcelona, Spain
Opening hours: All day 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Phone: +34 931 26 89 82

Escape Barcelona

Immerse yourself in an incredible adventure in the NEW Escape Room in Barcelona, where the adventures are lived by you and your friends. Escape Barcelona is the first themed Room Escape in Spain, where you will have to use your ingenuity and ability to solve the mysteries of our adventure and manage to get out in less than 1 hour. Try your adventure with Pharaoh’s Curse, Jurassic Land, The Lost Temple or Alien Origin.

Address: Paseo Valldaura 158 | Local E-F, 08042 Barcelona, Spain
Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday 10:15 am – 9:30 pm

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  1. I didn’t know that there were some of these in Barcelona. Before coming here I watched horror movies where people were doing that game and I still wanna try and see how it’s like!

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