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Barcelona Surfing – Surfspots in Catalonia

Barcelona Surfing – Surfspots in Catalonia

Strolling over the “Las Ramblas“, admiring the Gaudi architecture with big eyes and a very passably playing football club is also at home here: When FC Barcelona starts, 100,000 people make the pilgrimage to Camp Nou, the huge stadium of the city. But not only art and culture are the highlights – surfers can also find their fortune here. So breath in the Barcelona Surfing.

Due to its direct location on the Mediterranean Sea, surfing in Barcelona is not only popular with the locals. There is, however, one small catch: In summer there are very few to no waves, and in the remaining months you should study the forecast carefully so that you get some good sessions for surfing in Barcelona. But no problem at all – surf a bit here and there, and then off into the hustle and bustle of this fantastic European metropolis.

South of Barcelona

Barcelona surfing

Garraf is a Fisher village on the beach and houses scarttered all over the cliff, have shaped its unique appearance. During winter, spring and autumn, Garraf is just the spot for wave-riders that like more quiet beaches. The Parking is good, except for the summer period. But the sea tends to be flat. Near the pier is where most waves appear. The bay is located half-an-hour’s drive south from Barcelona between Castelldefels and Sitges. a very nice place to go for surfing on the Costa del Garraf.

El Prat is near the airport of Barcelona. El Prat’s beach offers waves for the right and left handed. The spot is situated in the delta of Llobregat river, with waves of two meters for surfers for any level. If the conditions are right they are many surfers to conquer a wave. But keep in mind there are less Parking abilities so for a good advise, you should take a Bus from Barcelona.

The Cementery is a place at Sitges. This town has a long surfing history. its one of the favorite places of longboarders. This town offers a lot more than just popular stretch of beaches.

North of Barcelona

Barcelona Surfing

Río Besòs is a spot where the waves break onto a rocky point to the right, meaning that it’s a point break. Therefore most of the bays in Catalonia are beach breaks so this one is unique and especial for advanced surfers. This place is located at the river of Besòs close to Sant Adrià de Besòs, less than ten kilometers north of Barcelona. This makes it to one of the hidden gems in Catalonia.

In Masnou, you will find the longest waves of north of Barcelona. Wind swells creates waves up to one an a half meters. But there are some rumors about three meters, when the Mediteranean gets rough. The waves are at best when  winter is coming and wind start blowing to the east and south-east. No matter at what level you are surfing, Masnou is providing you with really good waves. But keep in mind that it’s a beach brake. So it can be busy here.

In Montgat, you will find a lot of beach break peaks. Their are multiple secret hide-outs and you will find yourself with different surfers even when its crowded. The break provides both left- and right-hand waves for beginners and intermediate surfers. But like everywhere close to Barcelona, there aren’t a lot of Parking spaces.

In addition, there is also a good kite-boarding spot. Sant Pere Pescador is one and a half hour’s drive north of Barcelona. It’s a very relaxing Kite spot. The town Sant Pere Pescador is situated at the Golf de Roses. The wind is reliable and generally blowing with a constant strength of 12 to 24 knots. You will find multiple schools at this spot offering lessons and material for rent.


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