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Barcelona in phase one

Barcelona in phase one

In this article is the information of phase one in Barcelona city. Things that can be done during this phase one, and things that can not be done. All the necessary and essential  health measures  to be taken in this phase one.

The essential questions during the global pandemic and being locked for so many weeks at home was,” when can we go outside to visit our friends and  family. when can we go outside, and participate in  activities or to be able to visit the lovely beaches in the city”. After the city being closed down for ten Weeks since the 14th March. The country ease the look down into phases. The first phase started on 10th of may, Barcelona was delayed in this phase one. Which started on the 10th may the phase then started later on. Due to some factors. While other cities had started the phase one with restrictions and measures to be followed during this phase one. As well as the police being all over the city. Making sure people are observing social distance and following all the safety measures.

Relaxation phase

Phase one  is the relaxation phase. Where things are slowly coming back to normality. Where now people are allowed to visit their friends and family, and attend social gatherings. Also a maximum of ten people is allowed to meet up in a public place such as a terrace or in a private home are now allowed where social distancing  measures should be meet. Small business are now open bars, restaurants, cafes, salons, hairdressers etc. Which are allowed to serve customers as long as health and social distancing measures are in place. Some small business are only taking reservations to avoid over crowding as a measure. As well as restaurants are now allowed to open their terraces with 50% capacity. People waiting outside supermarkets and other shopping.

Reopening of public place

Some of the museums, libraries and parks will also be open. Some of the measures are a limited number of people will be allowed  inside the libraries. And in the museums a certain number will also be allowed. All necessary safety measures should be observed and respected. Although parks will be open picnic will not be allowed until otherwise.Some of the safety measures taken in shops are also the same. Having a limited number of people inside, while the rest wait. Placing off hand sanitisers in front of the shops. Other supermarkets are providing gloves, disinfectants and hand gel as well.

Opening of air street markets will be allowed. Only if permitted by local councils, with restrictions relative to the distance between stands and controls on capacity by the authorities. The number of usual stands will be limited to 25%, while the public will be limited to a third of usual capacity.

Barcelona phase one Barcelona-Home

Timetables to be observed

Timetables for taking walls and doing physical exercise remain in place, to avoid crowds. According to factors such as the hot weather. Beaches still remain restricted no sun bathing or recreational bathing. Although swimming in the sea as a form of exercise is allowed. However walks at the beach are allowed at anytime. The time tables can be adjusted  due to the the hot weather.

Wearing of masks

In this phase one of its compulsory for people to wear masks. In the following places, public transport, in closed rooms for example shops and stores. As well as the streets and the public places with at least 2 meters apart. It is also recommended for people to still be working from home where possible. However if at the work place there should be a distance of two meters between employees.

masks in public Barcelona-Home

Travelling measures

Some of the important measures are that citizens must not travel from province to province. However travelling within a province or healthcare zone is allowed. And taking into consideration social distance whilst travelling in the same province in phase one. It is  allowed to travel in a private vehicle with other people that live with you, without restrictions. It will be permitted to be occupied by up to nine people. However, If the occupants of a vehicle do not live together. A limit of one person in each row of seats applies, and they will have to wear face masks. Journeys in private vehicles within a province can be made for any of the activities permitted above.

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