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Barcelona Multinational Companies

Multinational Companies with Headquarters in Barcelona

You probably know Barcelona as a touristic city. Because of the unique Architecture and the awesome quality of life due to the wether and rentals. But did you know that Barcelona is also a city with great technological developments? That is the reason why many Multinational Companies chose Barcelona to set up their headquarters. Not only Barcelona has cheaper rents compared to other European cities, but it has a great strategic location. In this article you will find some of the Barcelona Multinational Companies you probably didn’t know that are based in the spanish city!
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Main Technological Barcelona Multinational Companies

If we talk about the big giants of Multinationals, we can name a couple of them in the Condal City.

The first one we tell you is Facebook. At the beggining of this year, the company announced their installation in Barcelona, specifically in the famous Torre Agbar. This decision brought around 500 jobs to the city. The second one  is the north american multinational Amazon. The company chose Barcelona among many other European cities. Here they establish their most important logistic center in Europe. Amazon based its headquarter in el Prat de Llobregat, with around 1,500 workers. Apart from that center, the multinational also decided Barcelona for the Artificial Intelligence Center.

Following with another multinational, you’ll find a south american one. The argentinean multionational Satellogic, specialized in high resolution image micro-satellites, located their headquarter there too.

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Game Sector Barcelona Multinationals Companies

The company King, the multinational in charge of many mobile games you sure have in your phone has also decided Barcelona as their European headquarter. In order to continue with video games sector, we have the chinese company IGG. IGG is another one that after considering numerous options, they finally agreed that Barcelona would be their place for their european headquarter.

We also want to tell you other important events that position Barcelona as an international technological capital. The Mobile World Congress takes place in the city of Barcelona (this year was not celebrated due to Covid-19). Thanks to this event, Barcelona hosts all the big Mobile Companies every year. Moreover, if you are interested in assisting to these kind of events, in Barcelona you will also have the chance to attend to the Smart City Expo and the IoT Solutions World Congress.

barcelona multinational companies barcelona-home

Barcelona Multinational Companies aside Technology

Barcelona has become an international capital of technological multinationals and developments. That doesn’t mean Barcelona is not home of many other companies aside the technological sector.

The headquarters of the food multinational Nestlé are located in the city too. Inside the inssurance sector, the Zurich company is there as well. Roche and the german Lidl,  among others, are based in Barcelona too. Besides these ones which are in the heart of the city, if you look at the outskirts of Barcelona you can also find Volkswagen and Seat headquarters.

We sincerely hope you found this article interesting and useful! If you are thinking about visiting Barcelona here we give you the best rental options!

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