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Markets, purchase fresh, rich food from the City

Markets, purchase fresh, rich food from the City

Markets, fresh and rich buying in the city, in Barcelona we are from markets! The market in Barcelona is something very much ours, “de tota la vida” and it is the best way to buy, fresh and rich with the best food products. Each market is a world to explore with all kinds of seasonal products.

Market cuisine, healthy and natural

Sano y Natural

The best is to cook healthy, natural, with the freshest is the markets, buy fresh and rich in the city. Whether you are traveling, staying in the city or living in it, you have an appointment with the market. You have the option to choose the one that is closest to your neighbourhood, although you can also choose to choose the market depending on the products you are looking for. It is not the same to buy the “Boqueria” that in Sant Antoni market, they are markets, but very different! Because there is the grace of the markets in Barcelona, in which each one has its own identity within the big city.

We have more than 20 markets in the city dedicated to the sale of food products, products from the other side of the world, fresh, processed, cooked … Each neighbourhood has a market. We will highlight the most central, both for criteria of accessibility to tourism and because they are the most popular.

La Boquería, cosmopolitan market

La Boquería

Markets, fresh and rich buying in the city, if there is a diverse market, for its offer, fun for its shape and presentation of the products for their stops, and clearly cosmopolitan that is, without a doubt, the Boquería market. In Gothic style, next to the Rambla de Catalunya, this market is as interesting as it is popular, as diverse as its customers, who buy here those products of Sabian origin that there is no other store in Barcelona where the grasshoppers can be found fried Mexicans or that strange New Zealand fruit. Now they even have a classroom and kitchen channel to learn how to cook with the products they distribute. www.boqueria.info.

The Ninot, of great Mediterranean tradition


 The Ninot, an explosion of colours, textures, smells, sensations …Is one of the most important selling centres of fresh in Barcelona. The fresh product is so important in the Mediterranean gastronomic culture!, Which also has more and more prominence thanks to the proliferation of healthy diets in addition to the knowledge that our chefs splurge all over the world.

Since always, market, buy fresh and rich in the city, Ninot has been one of the pioneers for being one of the main distributors of products for the catering sector of Barcelona. Fruits, vegetables, and so many other products are a source of inspiration, enriching the menus of the best restaurants in the city every day. It has a privileged location, near “Hospital Clínic” which makes it super accessible from any point of the city.

Holy family, diverse and broad

Sagrada Familia

Since 1944 this emblematic market has been operating, located in one of the nerve centers of the city, next to our beloved Sagrada Familia, a market as wide as varied where you will find almost everything. Fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, everything! and of the best quality in a 100% trust market.

They also have free parking and a delivery service, a market that is renewed every day with tricks, tips, recipes and even a directory with the translation of fresh products in 10 languages.

Sant Antoni, at the entrance of Raval

Mercado de Sant Antoni

The Market of Sant Antoni presides over the entrance of the Raval and is one of the most popular along with the Boquería. It offers butcher, Delicatessen, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables as well as many other products. They have created a card for their clients. It has its bar and free parking.

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