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Barcelona with Kids – How to Entertain Them

You are coming to Barcelona with your kids and you are wondering what will you be able to do to please the whole family? We know it can be tricky, mainly when you do not know the place you are visiting. For this reason, we have gathered a couple of activities to do, places where to eat and to sleep at during your stay! Feel free to click on the linked activities if you want to have more information about them and you will also be able to book tickets. Hope you will enjoy our Barcelona with kids itinerary!

Element 2Things to do 

Educative attractions for kids

Start your stay in a happy mood by visiting the aquarium of Barcelona in Port Vell! It’s one of the kids’ favorites! The aquarium has an 80 m-long shark tunnel, 11,000 fish, and special children’s activities. We have decided to include this activity in the morning since it is the off-peak hours and would be less hectic for your kids. On the same note, you could also bring them to the zoo of Barcelona and end up in the Ciutadella Park for a picnic at lunch time! And why not do some boat on the pond in the middle of the park or pay a visit to the full-scaled mammoth.

But if you are looking for something a bit more educative, there is the interactive CosmoCaixa museum which is a playground for kids of all ages. The museum, in fact, makes the scientific theories accessible to children. There are some installations dedicated to them such as the Planetarium and the Wonderful Click. More, if you would like to visit Barcelona, but, you know how it can be easily tiring with kids, then a Double-Decker tourist Bus might be the solution for you. As a plus, it will be quite fun for them but for you as well!

Tibidabo park; Barcelona-Home - kids attraction

Relax with kids after lunch

After Lunch, how about something quite relaxing? You could make your little ones happy by visiting the Camp Nou Stadium if they are football fans but even more, if they are a fan of FC Barcelona. If it is not the case, there is the Chocolate Museum. It will teach you the story of chocolate from its earliest origins to its arrival in Europe. What a better way to make them feel like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Furthermore, reserve in advance to join chocolate figurine-making courses and lessons in cooking desserts. Now, what is more fun than the beach? For an afternoon snack, you can bring all the things they like to play with and in the meanwhile, you can relax and tan under the Catalan sun! Next to Olympic, you will find a spider net where they can play and climb on.

Family nights or romantic date?!

For your evening, you can take the cable car from Port Vell to Montjuic to visit the Castle, but mainly to appreciate the magnificent light show of the Magic Fountain. Finally, something fun that your kids will love is the Tibidabo Park. You can enjoy plenty of attractions on 7th levels and the great bird’s eye will give you a spectacular view of Barcelona.

But maybe you want to have some private and romantic time only you and your partner. Why not consider hiring a professional nanny? Little Prince International Nannies is a multilingual nanny agency that can help you in finding a proper person who will take care of your children at your hotel or apartment.

Element 3Where to eat


After all these activities, your little ones and yourself are definitely going to be hungry. In this section, we present you a couple of family friendly restaurants in Barcelona that you and your kids will enjoy.

Pudding; Barcelona-Home - kids attraction

Pudding Barcelona

Inspired by the magical world of Lewis Carroll´s Alice in Wonderland, pudding is sure to hypnotize your senses with its dramatic interior design and delicious sweets. Delicious homemade cookies and carrot cakes are featured in the pastry case and humongous red mushrooms grow up to the ceiling.


Cosmo will make sure that they provide only the best for you and your family. Their policy is to get provided by local breeders, farmers, and fishers within a 100 km radius. Their food always seems really appealing and colorful which can only be a push for the kids to eat healthier.


You will definitely enjoy this restaurant which is more on the gastronomic note. However, do not worry, your children will still have plenty to eat. In fact, you can customize your menu, share dishes, or enjoy one on your own. It only depends on your appetite or whatever you really want to eat.  A small bonus: they also have workshops for you and your kids. It’s all about good food and fun at Semproniana.

Element 1Where to stay


Take a look at our family friendly apartments in Barcelona:

Family friendly apartment in Gracia 2Cozy familial apartment in Graçia

This apartment is perfect for a family who wants to live in a quiet area but still in the very center of the city. Fully furnished, especially with bunk beds, this apartment would be great for a family with young children. It’s ideal layout of the kitchen and living area makes multitasking easy- watching the children whilst cooking!

From 88€ / NIGHT| 45m2 | License: HUTB-001663

Rent Comfortable

Apartment by Sagrada Familia

Perfect for a family of 5, this apartment offers three bedrooms and a large living area. The area is big enough for a family to bond and creates memories. There’ll be no wasting time when getting ready to go out and explore with these two bathrooms!

From 77€ / NIGHT | 90m2  License: HUTB-006663

Villa with a pool and garden in Montjuic

Do you have a very large family that you just can’t go on holiday without? This stylish and modern villa offers everything you could possibly want for a family holiday. Accommodating up to 10, there is a chance this beautiful villa may stop you from exploring Barcelona! For those days you don’t want to spend much money, your family can relax around their very own pool.

From 157 €/ NIGHT| 150m2 | License: HUTB-009161


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  1. I’ve never seen my kids so enchanted when we visited Barcelona, it was incredible to see the joy in their eyes!

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