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internships at barcelona-home

Barcelona-Home offers various types of internships

Barcelona-Home offers various types of internships

Because of Covid-19 a lot of things are changing. People can not go to school, see their friends, go out or go to work. A lot is changing in the world of a student. If you are a student that was meant to go do an internship abroad, is this still possible? Or if you are doing your internship abroad at the moment, what changes for you? In this article we want to give you some clarity. Barcelona-Home has been a great learning company for a lot of interns over the years. Luckily for you this doesn’t change, the way we work does change. From now on Barcelona-Home offers remote internships as well. Want to find out more? Then keep on reading!

Internship at Barcelona-Home

Barcelona-Home has been a great learning company for many students over the past few years. They offer a lot of different positions. Like marketing, human resources, social media, management, graphic design, content creator and on and on. So there are a lot of opportunities for interns. One of the benefits is you will be doing your internship in Barcelona. Barcelona is such a beautiful, international city full of new experiences that are waiting for you. Not only is the city international, our team is also very international. And this doesn’t change because of the current situation. If you take a look at our website you can see how international we really are. Our website is translated to 13 different languages. On our blog you can  find a lot of articles written in different languages. So, not matter where you are from there is always a place for you at Barcelona-Home.

internships Barcelona-Home

Changes at Barcelona-Home

In the past few weeks some things have changed at Barcelona-Home because of the Covid-19. When before we were all working together in the office in Barcelona, we are now all working from home. And with home I mean back home in our own countries. This makes things a little bit more tricky. But with good communication and enthusiasm we figured it out. The whole team is communicating threw WhatsApp, Skype, Email and all of the ways you can think of. It is very important to keep in touch with each other and help each other where we can. Also always stimulate each other in a positive way. Because of this Barcelona-Home still runs the same way as it did before. If you want to start your internship at the moment but aren’t allowed to leave your home, that isn’t a problem. Because Barcelona-Home also offers remote internships.

Remote internships

Recently Barcelona-Home started offering remote internships. What is a remote internship exactly? This is an internship where you don’t work at the office. You work from home in the country you are currently in. Of course this is a little bit different then what you are used to. Because normally you meet your colleagues and boss in person and now you will meat them over Skype. And because we don’t know when this current situation is going to end you may even never get to meet your colleagues in person. But this doesn’t change the fact that you can still learn a lot working for Barcelona-Home. You can even learn more than you were planning. Because now communication skills are so important that you can improve massively. We’ve asked our current interns to write a little text about their internships during Covid-19.

Nicola – Germany (Recruitment, Management & Operations)

human resources internship Barcelona-Home

“I’m the new German intern responsible for Recruitment, Management & Operations and I just started working for Barcelona-Home a week ago. Taking this into consideration, one might think that it’s difficult to get the hang of various new tasks and programs. Especially when it’s not possible to instruct and onboard the intern at the office. However, I feel like because most of our day to day work tasks carry a digital facet, the majority of processes haven’t changed at all. The only difference is that you’re not sitting in an office with your colleagues, but you’re skyping with them. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet we are able to conduct our meetings and share our work online. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to finally meeting all of my colleagues and fellow interns in person for the first time. As well as visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona.”

 Britt – The Netherlands (Marketing)

intern marketing Barcelona-Home

“I have been an intern at Barcelona-Home for 3 months now and everything has been great. Because of Covid-19 I am working from my home in the Netherlands, but I’ve started my internship in Barcelona. My colleagues were great and I learned a lot in the first few weeks. My main responsibility was marketing. When I had to return home because of the virus I could continue my work for Barcelona-Home. As a team we communicate very well. My responsibility has switched from marketing to management because we are getting more and more interns at the moment. I like doing this kind of work and learn a lot from it. It is a strange situation but I really appreciate the whole team. Some of us haven’t even met and we work very well together. Hopefully we all get a chance to meet in Barcelona sometimes.”

 Beatriz – Portugal (Content creator)

content creator internship Barcelona-Home

“Hi, my name is Beatriz and I am from Portugal. I came to Barcelona to do an internship and found Barcelona-Home. About this internship, people are very nice and welcoming. Here I could meet a lot of people and cultures. It was useful because besides practicing my skills I was able to improve myself as a graphic designer and as a person. I am thankful for everything I could learn and grow at this company. Working from home has its pros and cons. It is nice working from home because it is a more comfortable environment for me. Also it gives me more responsibility because I have to manage my time to get everything done! On the other hand every time I need to get some feedback or opinions about my work it is harder, because I need to make contact and send emails and wait on my colleagues.”

Mariolina – Italy (Graphic Designer)

graphic design internship Barcelona-Home

“I was fascinated by the mission of Barcelona-Home; to give people the opportunity to explore Barcelona in the best possible way. Four years ago I took part in the Erasmus programme in this wonderful city full of culture and life. So I decided that I wanted to join this mission. Unluckily, I was accepted for this internship the day before Italy, my country, was declared red zone due to Covid19. Despite this, Barcelona-Home gave me the opportunity to start this experience from home. I can say that, even remotely, many aspects of a traditional in-person internship still exist: meetings with my supervisors or teammates, developing both individual and group projects, improving my personal skills, learning about the overall company culture and industry it works in. At Barcelona-Home I am collaborating with competent people, available and willing to listen to me. Here I can feel part of an international team.”

Lianna – Social media (Russia)

social media internship Barcelona-Home

“Doing an internship at Barcelona-Home helped me not only to reinforce my knowledge of international business explicitly relating to digital marketing and PR but most importantly, it has taught me to adapt to today’s ever-changing environment and not give up during the hard times. Working from remote, was a bit challenging in the beginning, although with all the advancements in collaboration and communications technology, there’s still no environment as perfect for collaboration as being physically present with co-workers. However, due to the quick reorganisation of our actions we were able to come up with a great working plan which allowed us to continue our work.”


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