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Barcelona-home, like being at home

Barcelona-home, like being at home. At the time I was working at Barcelona-Home, many of my friends and acquaintances have asked me: “How does the company work exactly?” The business of renting apartments can be a bit complicated with so many companies offering accommodations. It is difficult to know which companies are legitimate and which are not. Photos can be very disappointing as descriptions of the floors, and many times you can finally be in a very different place than you would have thought initially.

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Barcelona-Home, like home compared to other companies, works as an intermediary between owners and customers looking for accommodation. The flats are not ours, but we have contracts with owners throughout the city. With so many owners everywhere, Barcelona-Home has a variety of places to rent and there are apartments for all tastes and budgets depending on size, price, location and last but not least quality. We aim to provide comfortable accommodations for people from all over the world.

When it comes to responsibility, it gets a little difficult. If a client destroys an apartment, who you are to blame? Who has to pay for repairs? Good question. Barcelona-Home is between the customer who is renting the apartment and the owner to eliminate problems and find solutions. When a customer comes to the flat, an inventory is done and you have a contract signed between the client and Barcelona-Home ensuring that nothing will change when leaving the flat. At the departure of the apartment, another inventory is made and signed, showing that the customer agrees with the state he left the accommodation. If there are differences between the two inventories, the owner may require the customer to pay or keep the security deposit. In this case, Barcelona-Home can not do anything. We have obligations to the owners with whom we work, and ensure that our customers do nothing bad is part of that obligation.

Apartment near Camp Nou Barcelona

From      58€ / NIGHT
From 1200€ / MONTH

Barcelona-home, like home. Think different… if anyone’s planning a trip through a travel agent and his plane arrives three hours late, the airline service is horrible and the flight was very uncomfortable with a lot of turbulences … Who can you blame ? It is certainly not the fault of the travel agency. At this point, one should discuss the issue with the company. In this case, Barcelona-Home is the travel agency and not the airline owner. We do our best to ensure that all end up happy, that is working to prevent and resolve any conflict between owners and those seeking accommodation. This is the basis of our responsibilities. Barcelona-home, like home. When you rent a property in a foreign country, you must ensure you know who is responsible for your comfort. This will allow companies to work more efficiently and that customers have a more pleasant stay in another country.

License : HUTB-003937


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