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Barcelona-Home is committed to your safety

Barcelona-Home is committed to your safety

During these uncertain days, Barcelona-Home is committed to your safety. Our first priority is keeping you and your family safe! Because of COVID-19 we are changing our policies to offer you a better service. So, if you have any questions about anything feel free to contact us. Please note that we are working as quickly as possible to respond to your calls and emails. But sometimes it will take a bit longer than normal, everything is different for us as well. Hopefully we can answer most of your questions in this article. So, please read the text first before contacting us. If you can not find the answer or you need some more explanation, you can of course contact us. We appreciate your patience during these difficult times.

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Current situation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) for the current outbreak of the corona virus, known as COVID-19. The WHO only declares this state when an extraordinary event happens that is an international public health risk. At Barcelona-Home we are closely monitoring the official guidance from the local government and health authorities. This guidance can be different for every country, please be aware of this. We also listen very closely to the feedback from our travellers, property owners, and property managers. We will update this article when things change.

What to do before booking

Before you book your next trip we advise you to review the local travel recommendations and restrictions for your destination. It is also good to follow the guidance from the World Health Organisation. Nobody knows how long this situation will last. So, we also recommend you to check the property’s cancellation policies, because these can variate.

What to do after booking

If you are currently on vacation in an affected area, keep up with the local news and follow the recommendations from local authorities. You can also check your trip details for safety information. If you still want some more information you can get in contact with your booking agency. But please keep in mind that they also don’t have all the answers. You can cancel or change your upcoming reservation right from your travel account. If you have questions about the cancellations process or you are not sure what to do, please contact [email protected]. You can contact the insurance company if you have travel insurance. They will answer all of your questions. We will too.

What is Barcelona-Home doing

To help ease uncertainty during this time, we have rolled out a policy that strikes the best balance of protecting travellers, property owners, property managers, and the public. We also are renting out our apartments to doctors and other workers that can’t go home because they are coming in contact with the virus at work. This way we keep the families of the people that are saving us, safe. Also we can provide apartments closer to work so they don’t have to take public transportation. To make sure our apartments are clean, we introduced a new cleaning service which uses UltraViolet light. By using UltraViolet light there is no need of a cleaning team to enter the apartment. This light kills things we can’t see. This way we can assure you that the apartments are clean and 100% safe.


In most cases, we act as the intermediary for payments. But the apartments inside our platform are owned and/or managed by each individual owner or property manager. Each and every property manager has different cancellation and refund policies. For every traveler who paid hard-earned money for a getaway they may not take, there is a property owner who relies on clear cancellation policies and the associated amount within those policies to pay their mortgage and hard-working employees. However, during these extreme circumstances, the vast majority of our property owners and managers are rising to the occasion and giving credits or modifications to travellers. Just to make it clear Barcelona-Home is not the owner of the apartments and because of that, we cannot refund you. But we are happy to help get you in contact with the owner and talk things over.

Cancel reservations

We understand that because of the restrictions you are not allowed to travel. For this reason we recommend you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of every apartment. Because every owner has different ones. During this period, apartment managers are of course willing to work something out with you but keep in mind they are losing a lot too.

More information

We strongly recommend that all travellers, owners, and property managers follow health and safety information from health officials as well as travel advisories from local authorities. Keep up with local news and the restrictions of the country you want to travel to or out of. Still in need of some more information get in touch with us via email ([email protected]).

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