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The best places to study in Sant Antoni

The best places to study in Sant Antoni

In such a dynamic city and tourist area of Barcelona, it is sometimes difficult to find a quiet place to study in peace. But it is not impossible and our team looked for you the best cafes where to study in Barcelona! You will not even need to go to a library to the monotonous tones, you’ll take pleasure here to study while drinking your coffee and nibbling delicious meals!

number Babelia Books and Coffee

Babelia books and coffee

This cafe is located in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni. In this one, you can choose from a multitude of books and you will be almost lost among the multitude of teas and coffees they offer. It is a library/cafe where you can go quietly with your books to study or event just to read your favorite book. You can also bring your laptop into the coffee to work in. The place is so colorful and relaxing which is really perfect to spend some concentration time. The place is open all day and the woman who runs the coffee is so nice and she is speaking multiple languages so perfect if you are a foreign student or foreign worker. They serving as I said before delicious coffee, delightful tea but also a wonderful lunch. You can eat soup, salad and sandwiches, and truly delightful rotating fresh sweets. To name just a few and awaken your taste buds: chocolate banana loaf, chocolate coconut loaf, carrot loaf, lemon loaf, Nutella croissants, cookies, and so much more. The music is low-key and perfect. It is not loud and overbearing or obnoxious like many coffee shops. It has a wonderful playlist of light acoustics, blues, and indie. The book selection is nice and the prices are fair. Babelia is one of the sweetest cafes you can find in your travel.

where Villarroel 27 in Sant Antoni in Barcelona

openinghours  Open all-day

number2 Café Cometa

café cometa

Café is also located in Sant Antoni. It’s belongs to Galeria Cosmo group which is a well-know group here in Spain. You can study quietly and have a natural juice, a sandwich or a bun at the same time. Because the café is part of Cosmo group, it doesn’t suffer from lack of internet connection as wifi is available! It’s a must if you want to work or study with your computer. However, the products are not super-cheap at €3 for a juice, but they are very delicious and different than what you’d expect. For example, they serve juices with cucumber, ginger, and carrots for unique flavours.

where Carrer del Parlament, 20

openinghours 9h00-22h00

number3 Coco Coffice

coco coffice

Coco Coffice, what a funny name! Coffee + Office = Coffice! it comes from there. This concept was one of the first to pop up in Barcelona. It’s much more than just a café with a nice environment to study and have some good food. Indeed, the place was constructed and made especially for working and studying. It’s sort of like a public co-working space. They have prices based on the time you plan to stay – from 1 hour to multiple months depending on your needs – while the coffee and snacks come free. Coco Coffice Barcelona is the ideal spot for nomad workers tired from working or studying from home or from crowded cafés and for all people looking for a different place to read a book quietly, concentrate, or change the world!

where Carrer de Manso

when Monday to Friday – 9h00 to 20h00

number4 Federal Café


Federal is a small town on the Binna Burra Rd, halfway between Possum Creek and Goonengerry in Northern New South Wales, Australia. There’s not much to do but a dream, and watch the rain fall on quiet streets and the phonebox.
This place is made with passion! A great collection of magazines to read in a well-designed atmosphere. Drink a coffee made with fresh, pure milk and imagine you’re on the Binna Burra Rd. Sometimes you can be in two places at the same time. Gourmet coffee, delicious and full breakfasts, tasty desserts – this is why this place is become so popular and loved among people. There are two Federal Cafés in Barcelona, and we recommend you both of them.

where Career del Parlement, 39

openinghours Monday-Saturday, 9:00 – 11:30, Sunday 9:00 – 17:30

number5 Itacate


Itacate is a juice bar and also a local café. They serve a healthy breakfast. Utakata is the term comes from the area Mexico city surrounding areas its Itakata. It’s when you have a family party and you have leftover your food because during the big family parties like baptism, communion or birthday, the aunts, the grandma everyone brings a Tupperware with food in. And people can pack up the leftover with the Mexican homemade meals. It’s comparable to Filipino’s. In the cafe, people feel comfortable when you’re here, you can do some work and have a coffee. They also have a book exchange program with different languages such as Catalan, Spanish, English, Russian, German and Portuguese.
Inside the café, you will see all the amazing paintings. There are from local artists and if you like it you can buy it. They have news ones all the time. The owners are so great and friendly, so come here to study quietly, to eat well and feel the great local vibe here.

where Carrer del Comte Borrell

when Tuesday-Sunday: 9h00-20h00 – close the Monday

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