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Barcelona Christmas time

Barcelona Christmas time

Barcelona Christmas time

The most joyful time of the year is just around the corner, so cheer up everybody because soon it is time to get into a proper Christmas spirit. What better way to spend your holiday than in the lovely city of Barcelona? Of course, Barcelona has a lot to offer at this time of the year. The old and beautiful buildings, narrow streets and a general cozy atmosphere constitute a perfect backdrop for a Christmas holidays destination – without freezing too much. As this is the time to be generous and kind to others, the first gift from us at Barcelona Home is to give you all the information you need to know about Barcelona Christmas time.

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What is like Christmas time in Barcelona?

There are some special Catalan traditions for Christmas time. Firstly you will most likely bump into nativity scenes of Jesus. Second, one of the most important traditions for children is Tio Nadal (Nadal means Christmas in Catalán) a Catalán mythological character that children sing songs about in order to get sweets. Third, Papá Noel (Santa Claus) comes on the night of 24th to 25th to bring some gifts as well. However many people still prefer to wait for Reyes Magos (The three Wise Men). Furthermore, the Catalan Christmas is celebrated along with typical food as polvorones and turrón for example.

Special dates

24/12 Nochebuena: (Christmas Eve) on this night, it is common to gather at one house with the family or friends in order to have dinner all together before going to the Christmas Mass for Catholics.

25/12 El Dia de Navidad: (Christmas Day) is certainly a festive day, traditionally spent with loved ones and great food, including Galets de Nadal. Usually, you have lunch with your family where you can always find typical desserts as turrón. In the evening it is common to meet up with friends and go to the cinema or to a bar, for example.

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26/12 Sant Esteve: This is the feast of St. Stephen Martyr. On this day there’s once again plenty of food and desserts. Also, there is a widespread tradition that makes the kids standing on chairs while giving a poem to someone with money as a reward for it.

31/12 Noche Vieja: (New Years Eve) Which comes with some traditions itself: make a wish and eat 12 green grapes as the clock turns 00:00, wear red underwear (said to give luck in love), toast with a ring inside your glass of champagne (said to attract money). Traditionally it is common to meet up with friends after the new year has officially begun. Barcelona presents many parties and special events in hotels and in clubs to celebrate the night. You can read more about the New Year’s traditions!

6/1 Dia de Reyes Magos:  (Three Wise Men day) this is a day in which everybody receive presents under the christmas tree. And of course, this day is the most popular among children. The festivity starts on the night before when the 3 Wise Men come. This is being presented as a parade as they ride through Barcelona, something truly worth watching.

What to do during Christmas time in Barcelona?

Christmas markets

Fira de Santa Llucia: This market is the biggest as well as one of the oldest in the city, held since 1786. It is located just outside of the Cathedral on Plaza de la Seu. You will find Christmas trees, decorations, nativity scene ornaments and also, an area dedicated to artisan products which definitely will do great for Christmas presents.  It is impossible to not get into your Christmas mood as you wander through the stalls selling in the stunning backdrop of the cathedral under twinkling Christmas lights.

Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Familia: Although it is not as busy as the Fira de Santa Llucia, it offers another great place to do your Christmas shopping in a magnificent setting by the Sagrada Familia. It also offers many artisan products from the 120 stalls selling and Christmas decorations. This market is popular among children as Santa Claus makes visits so that he collects letters, and hands out balloons and candy.

Christmas in Poble Espanyol: This is one of the most visited Christmas attractions in the city. The village of Poble Espanyol opens its doors and there are no decorations to spare as they represent the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Here you will find activities for the whole family such as workshops, performances, and playing areas. The market itself has plenty of traditional Spanish handmade gifts and hand-crafts. For the youngest in the family, they also have the chance to meet the three Three Wise Men and deliver their Christmas letters to them in person.

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Christmas lights

It’s hard to beat Christmas shopping during the evenings in Barcelona as you wander along the many streets and squares adorned with thousands of decorative lights, called ” Els Ilums de Nadal”. The main streets to look out for with the most impressive displays are Plaça Catalunya, Ronda de Sant Pere, Portal de L’Angel which runs parallel to LA RAMBLA , and of course La Rambla itself. Don’t worry about finding the lights as there are 400 locations with them in Barcelona over a range of 100km.

Further Christmas decorations are displayed at Portal del Ángel near Plaça Catalunya, as it’s decorated with a huge Christmas tree. Another one can also be found in the Gothic area on Plaça de Sant Jaume, on the same location you will also find the official nativity scene.

We hope that this article gave you an insight into how Christmas time in Barcelona is spent. Be ready to put on your favorite winter-themed jumper and get ready for this delightful holiday celebration. We at Barcelona Home wish you the best and a Merry Christmas.

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