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Adapting Your Small House for a Growing Family

How to Remodel Your Home for a Growing Family

Are you living in Barcelona with your soulmate and you’re thinking about to have a family but your house is too small? Should you buy a bigger house but it’s too expensive?

A homeowner’s first home may be small, so if you and your partner are looking to expand your family but cannot afford to move house, you may want to adapt the property you already have. There are many ways to make your space seem larger and more organized, plus you may be able to build extensions or knock through walls.

For those wanting to accommodate a larger family, continue reading for information on how to do so.


Improve Organizational Skills

No matter how big your home is, if you are disorganized, your space can seem much smaller due to the clutter. Be sure to invest in boxes, shelving units, and enough wardrobe space so clothes, toys, and books can be packed away neatly. Teach your kids (and your partner) how to use them and that at the end of every day, you should pack away anything you have used.

Other simple ways to make your home neater and seem larger, is to make your beds each morning, keep the kitchen counters and other surfaces free from clutter, and to keep the couch cushions in check. Living in a messy home can make your home seem smaller and much more claustrophobic, so be sure to keep it clean and organized.

Expand Your Home

The best way to cater to a larger family to expand your home. You can convert basements and attics into additional habitable living areas (an extra bedroom, living quarters or games room for the kids), or you can expand out the sides of your home with an extension. By doing so, you could add extra rooms, or if you have enough rooms but need some to be larger, remodel the kitchen, bathrooms, or bedrooms so that they can accommodate for more space through extra countertops and cabinets.



If you are unsure whether you can convert your basement, attic or which rooms are best to expand, you can contact Titus Contracting for the best home remodel ideas. A trusted contractor can not only help you plan your extensions, but they can also provide you with an in-depth consultation and a quote.

Be Creative with Storage

Storage in your home is going to be at a premium, and so you will need to be as creative as possible to fit in everything you need. It means making use of all available space including under beds, under the stairs and even the walls. If you have a wall with enough space, then try creating a floor to ceiling storage unit that can be screwed to the wall to keep it secure. These large units can give you a lot of storage and you can also build in a desk for your computer or for the kid’s homework.

Additionally, you can remodel beneath the stairs so that you have a place to keep bags, shoes, and coats. You could have it as an open space, or enclose it with walls and a door. You can also utilize the garage space for seasonal objects such as decking furniture which needs storing, or some of your possessions which you don’t need right now but would like to keep and bring back into the house once the kids are older.

Remodel the Bathrooms

Sharing a bathroom with children can seem daunting and incredibly unpractical. Rather than suffer through this joint-ownership, spend your time and money in remodeling the bathrooms in your home so that you (the parents) and the children can have their own. You could build an extension from the master bedroom and have an ensuite, or you could expand the downstairs bathroom and have that dedicated to the adults while the upstairs one revolves around the kids.

Keep the adult bathroom functional while having the kids’ bathroom more playful (but still tasteful). By splitting the bathrooms, you can eliminate the stress of getting ready in the morning and having all family members waiting to use one shower or bath.

Use the Outdoor Space

While a playroom is a must, you forget that when the weather is sunny and warm, the playroom can be moved outside, temporarily freeing up some space indoors. Build a summer house and child-proof it; include couches and space for them to play. Cushion the floor and include a patio area so that they can sit outside when the weather is warm. You can also have a treehouse, although you will need to supervise your children whenever they are playing in it.

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