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10 reasons to invest in Barcelona

10 Reasons to Invest in Barcelona

It is quite important for entrepreneurs, who are looking to invest in companies or about to start negotiations, to know where to do so, even though it is always accompanied by a certain risk, and miscalculations lead to high losses. There are many factors to take into account when investing in a city, and Barcelona is, for several reasons, a safe haven for your money. ShBarcelona gives you 10 reasons to invest in this city:

1. Strategic location: Barcelona has an excellent commerical geographic position, it’s the hub for products being shipped to Southern Europe, since it’s port gives it access to all of the Mediterranean Sea, and for the language, it’s also a great starting point for the Latin American market.

2. Great access: There are two airports in Barcelona, one in the city and another one 1.5h away in Girona, besides that the high-speed train AVE makes its way through this city towards important cities for your commercial strategy, such as Madrid, Valencia and Seville. Furthermore, Barcelona’s connection to highways and the sea are excellent, whick makes it an essential part of your logistics strategy.

3. City of industry and services: Barcelona is a metropolis of traditional industry, specialized in production for centuries, which focus has recently shifted towards the service sector.

4. Successful foreign direct investments: Barcelona gives home to more than 5,000 foreign companies, and most foreign companies operating in Spain have their regional head offices in Barcelona.

5. New technology and sustainability: it’s a technologically advanced city, which is why it hosts the Mobile World Congress until 2018, just as its utilization of sustainable resources.

6. Attraction of talents: Barcelona’s great life quality is the reason why many qualified workers want to live here, which are also drawn by Barcelona’s universities of good standing to improve their carrer and Master’s degrees.

7. Continuing project development: There are always economic incentives for investments in Barcelona which represent great future opportunities for your capital. Your success is reassured by this environment of prosperity.

8. A great city for entrepreneurs: Barcelona is a city full of commerce entrepreneurs looking for new ways to do business and eager to use your money for new undertakings.

9. Life Quality: Barcelona has the highest quality of life in Europe and makes it an excellent choice for your enterprise.

10. The brand “Barcelona”: When you put the label Barcelona on your business, it will automatically get a certain value by itself. Barcelona is more than a name on a map, it has become a brand and is a value-added for your enterprise or investment.

Invest in Barcelona now!

Translated from: http://www.shbarcelona.es/blog/es/10-razones-para-invertir-en-barcelona/


  1. I have been extremely interested in investing in Barcelona. Great to hear about the perks I would receive. Must do some more research on it.

  2. The company I am doing an internship in is currently looking for a strategic place to invest and I find it very interesting to read about all the benefits you can have from investing in Barcelona!

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