Barcelona – the capital city of video games.

Last year, 47% of the sector’s turnover „was accumulated at the state level”. Video games’ industry gets bigger and bigger. We know it thanks to the secretary of the Spanish Association of Video Game Producer Enterprises, Antonio Fernández. The percentage of studies devoted to the brand in Catalonia also continues to grow, from 24.8% in […]

Tv station BTV expands and becomes betevé

Barcelona’s TV station launches a new website: betevé The public tv station of Barcelona BTV has gone through a whole new renovation. During the last week of January, the television channel changed its settings and layout, converting into betevé.  The new website homepage quoted:” We changed not just the new graphical display, but also a much […]

Boat sales surge because of smartphones

Boat sales surge because of smartphones Barcelona boat show has released new technology to improve navigation. Boat steering has not changed dramatically over history but what is changing is the tools which are used to steer and complete jobs on the boats. Technology companies are constantly giving a range of services to sea sports but […]

Barcelona Tech City

Official opening of the Barcelona tech hub! Barcelona Tech City, home to a group of global technology specialists, saw its official opening in July at the emblematic Palau de Mar. The centre will be home to about 80 different organisations and over 1,000 technology professionals showcasing Barcelona’s ability and potential to be considered as one of the world’s […]