Looking for the time of your life, an event or a concert in particular? Barcelona offers plenty of opportunities and events to have fun! Find out all the information, the places to be, the concerts, the best bars and clubs, the prices and even more. Whatever is your musical taste Barcelona is a resourceful city of music genres, artists and events. Music is everywhere in Barcelona, whether during the day or at night, wherever you go you will always hear music around you, which is a reason why Barcelona is one of the loveliest places of Spain. A city that never sleeps The climate and the scenery of Catalonia make Barcelona a perfect host for festivals and major musical events, there is always something to do in this city. It is one of the greatest place to go out. For the clubbers, the city owns a big variety of clubs close to the beach, but you can also find dancing bars if you just prefer to go for some beers or mojitos or other fancy cocktails. So check out our page to see what are the top events during your staying but in Barcelona you will never find nothing to do.

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MHD concert in Barcelona 2017 MHD is a […]

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+dMANÁ are doing a tribute to MANÁ The one […]

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Metallica concert in Barcelona 2018 The great heavy-metal […]