Foreign Investment drops in Catalonia

Foreign Investment drops in Catalonia whilst it increases in Madrid and the Basque country. Since the October 1 referendum, foreign investment has seen a decrease in Catalonia. In 2017, it lost close to 40% of foreign investment. Madrid saw an improvement of 25%. The community of Madrid harvested last year 14,521 million which places it […]

Study Shows Long-term Unemployment in Barcelona

Sant Andreu carries the highest unemployment rate A total of 29.078 people of Barcelona take more than a year without work in Barcelona. Sant Andreu is the district that registers a greater percentage of this type of unemployment while Ciutat Vella is the minor. Sant Andreu has the highest percentage of long-term unemployment followed by Sant Martí, Nou Barris, Horta-Guinardó, and Les Corts. Ciutat Vella […]

GDP Rise after Independence Crisis in Catalonia

GDP rise after Independence Crisis   Catalonia has experienced an economic rise despite October 1 independence crisis. Catalonia seems to be striving, having nine autonomous communities with a higher percentage of GDP than before the independence crisis.  The community with the highest GDP growth has so far been Aragón with a rise of 3.1%. This has been […]

Disney Exhibition at CaixaForum

Relive 80 Years of Disney in Barcelona Disney’s exhibition ‘El arte de contar historias’ or ‘The Art of Telling Stories’ uncovers 80 years of their stories from ‘The Tree Little Pigs’ to ‘Frozen’. The exposition sheds light on the origin of the stories and showcases the various and surprising sources of inspiration that have influenced on creating the […]

The connection between Madrid & La Pedrera

An investigation project revealed the origins of the paintings As a result of the investigation from the Fundacio Catalunya, the unpublished project on the La Pedrera solved the origins of many paintings inside and outside building. It happens that some of the paintings on the walls are the copies from the National Legacy collection. The latest […]

Josep Maria Jujol’s art in Barcelona

Barcelona’s most important architect overshadowed by Gaudí Known for mostly every iconic monument all around Barcelona, Gaudí is the first name that comes to your mouth when thinking about who made them. However, Gaudí did not work alone on most of those monuments and Josep Maria Jujol had an important part in each and every […]