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Rent Yachts in Barcelona

Rents Yachts on Barcelona’s Mediterranean SeaRent Yachts

Topping up your tan, or needing to escape the city? Try both at once, we assure you there is no better remedy than a yacht trip out into the sea to alleviate your stress and put your feet up. The range of yachts at your disposal in Barcelona is just absurd… it would be rude not to… Cruising out past high waters is a delight in itself, especially when you can branch out and try something new:

Take a trip along the coast and vision the city from afar. All breath-taking views immersing you in with the ripples of waves and the exotic fish beneath you, a dream comes true.

Boat races to get your blood pumping: get on board and find your inner navigator, without a doubt you’ll get lost in the competition (It’s only healthy.)

Or if you want to turn pro, take up some sailing lessons and learn to cruise through the waters with ease, absorb the fresh air and embrace sea life at its finest. Be it for you, the family, your friends or your dearest and nearest, experience something special today. Something for the children to get lost in, the grandparents to indulge in and something for you to feel at peace with, sailing experiences you’ll never forget.

With several yachts to choose from, we guarantee on board is a special kind of adventure.


Our vessels:

Cruising Yacht Bavaria 37

  • Loading year 2007
  • Vessel length 11,20 m
  • Cabins / Berths 3/6

Cruising Yacht Bavaria 39

  • Loading year 2007
  • Vessel length 11.93 m
  • Permissible number of persons on board: 8

Yacht Bavaria 46

  • Loading year 2007
  • Length of the ship 13.99m
  • Permissible number of persons on board: 10


We have 8 vessels in stock: sailing ships, ships, speedboats.


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