Long term apartments in Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona for a longer time period and need an apartment?

Long term apartments in Barcelona

Then look no further! At Barcelona Home we not only offer holiday and monthly apartments, we also rent out apartments in Barcelona on a yearly basis, which is ideal for those moving to Barcelona because of a new job, moving in with a partner, etc. In order to find our yearly apartments, head on over to our apartments-on-a-yearly-basis site.

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Our short term apartments are only short term

Long term apartments in Barcelona

The apartments that we rent out on long term contracts are NOT the same as we rent out on short terms. Most of our long term apartments come unfurnished, or only partly furnished, for you to put your own personal touch on your new home. This means that the apartments are empty when you move in, without equipped kitchens, towels, bed linen and the like, that you would otherwise find in our short and medium -term apartments.

Come by Barcelona-Home

You cannot book our long term apartments via the internet, you have to be in Barcelona and come by our office to make an agreement. Also, we need a “proof of stay” in form of a work contract, a university agreement or something similar before creating a valid contract.

Duration of the Stay and Payment of the Deposit

Long term apartments in Barcelona

The minimum stay in our long term apartments is 1 year, and the maximum stay is 5 years. Most landlords require a relatively high deposit as insurance, before letting a new tenant take over their apartment. This deposit is usually equal to 2-4 months of rent and is fully refundable at the end of your stay.

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