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Press and Collaborations of Barcelona-Home

As an experienced company in its market with over 20 years, Barcelona-Home has had over 1 million bookings. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to all our clients in order to meet all of their wishes, through channeling our values into our business practices: quality, customer satisfaction and efficiency. With such success in its field of expertise, it is natural that consumers have positive things to say about the company. But besides only consumers, other businesses also admire Barcelona-Home.


Prestigious travel and tourism magazines and guides have given us the pleasure to be in its pages illustrating the trust and reliability from our company. Timeout is a guide of the city of Barcelona that is around for over 10 years, displaying the best tips of the city that ranges from accommodation to transportation and leisure activities. Barcelona-Home was featured in an edition of Timeout Barcelona as “A reputable company staffed by knowledgeable young people […]” To us, it is crucial to have an honest and trustworthy relationship with our client base, and it is very important to receive such position in the local press to be able to prove so to our prospective clients.


Furthermore, our collaborations with established businesses in Barcelona for events and special activities reinforce our commitment to the local community we are based in. We have had collaborations with restaurants, bars and other establishments in Barcelona offering discounts and gifts. We love Barcelona and are pleased to help you, but above all, to help our community in the best city in the world.


Barcelona Home was awarded by the European Holiday Home Association


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Internships at Barcelona-Home



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