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Sushibo Barcelona: your delicious travel to Japan

Sushi has become a dish, which you can find all over the world. When visiting Barcelona, you should not miss the best sushi restaurant called Sushibo. They propose a lot of different and very delicious types of sushi and Japanese style, all of them made of high-quality ingredients. The best thing is that the Restaurant is open 365 days a year, so you can eat your favorite sushi all year long.

For all our Barcelona-Home clients we have a special offer and promotion. If you make an order over 35 euros, you will get one FREE bottle of white wine with the code BCNHOME. If you are going to the restaurant, you just need to show the following picture. You can have a look at our Sushibo menu and download here.

Sushi to your doorstep from Gràcia 


If you are feeling like eating in the comfort of your own home, do not worry Sushibo provide also delivery and take away services! To order you have several options. You can pop up in their second restaurant in Gracia or order online or call them directly on the number below for the delivery.

They offer fusion cuisines such as the udon with cuttlefish and monkfish or cheese and olives hosomaki (Japanese, Mediterranean flavor and texture). You can also find the uramaki Trencadís, with crispy shrimp, crab, asparagus and flying fish eggs or nigiri tuna belly with caramelized apple. You will be able to enjoy your traditional and classic hosomaki salmon or tuna as well.

Sushibo, your sushi restaurant in Eixample

Their first restaurant is located in the center of Barcelona, in Eixample. It is perfect to accommodate you, your friends and your family. They follow a concept of Sushi experience. In other words, if you come back a couple of days later, you will definitely not eat the same thing as a renew as much as they canThe restaurant also represents the perfect option for business people who want to enjoy sushi for lunch on weekdays, they can order the lunch menu including three appetizers, a main dish, soft drinks and a dessert for only 12,50€.


If you want to learn how to make sushi, you have the opportunity to participate in one of the proposed workshops to discover the secrets of making and tasting sushi. It is a practical, constructive and entertaining session. Sushibo gives you two workshop options. You can either prepare your sushi and take away or share in the restaurant afterward. The recommended number of attendees is 8-15 and the course has a duration of 1 h 30. It includes ingredients, cooking rice, development of pieces makisu (hosomakis, futomakis & uramakis), the arrangement of sushi on the plate and finally the tasting. The prices for the workshop are from 30 euros. The perfect event for a group of friends interested in making their own sushi by learning from professionals. To find out more about the workshop and how to participate, click here.

Special events

Sushibo Barcelona has also an option when you are having an event with some friends. You can hire them for Catering or Show Cooking for your own party.  You can find a wide variety of both sushi and cooked dishes based on the usual menu and customized for each occasion. They adapt to any need wishes of you to make the event a unique experience for you and all your guests. If you are looking for something special you can surprise your guests with the preparation of sushi live from a true professional in the traditional preparation of sushi. The third option for your event is to celebrate in private in a separate room in the Restaurant Sushibo Barcelona. The room has a capacity for up to 50 people. It is an ideal establishment for business events as well as private and personal parties like weddings or birthday parties.

Address: Carrer de Casanova, 94 and Ronda General Mitre, 220 Barcelona
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12.00-16.00; 20.00- 23.00 / Friday and Saturday 19.00 – 00.00 (Casanova)
Everyday 13.00-16.00; 19.00- 23.00 /Sunday untill 00.00 (Gràcia)
Telephone: 93 451 37 49 (restaurant in Eixample); 93 415 40 78 (delivery restaurant)
Website: sushibo.cat

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