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St.Patrick’s Day in Barcelona 2018 ☘️

St. Patrick’s Day Barcelona 2018

Top of the morning to ya! ☘️


That time of year is nearly upon us again where green, white and gold flags will drape the streets of Barcelona and 1,000’s of Guinness barrels will be rolled into pubs throughout the city in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrated this year on Saturday the 17th of March, the globally recognised event celebrates the hilariously stereotypical key features of the Irish, two of which being good crack and even better pints!

The holiday is seen as an opportunity to dig out your “greenest” outfit from the depths of your closet, paint a shamrock on your face, attempt your best rendition of Riverdance in the middle of the street and drink copious amounts of Irish whiskey. However, St. Patrick’s Day or Paddy’s Day (NEVER Patty’s day), in essence, fundamentally allows for the celebration of Irish culture, including music, dance and community, no matter where in the world you may be.


Let’s get the basics of any St.Patricks Day celebration down:

  1. GREEN! In some parallel universe there is an official law that states you must wear green on St. Patrick’s day or else you cannot participate. Unfortunately, such law does not exist but let’s not let the side down. Wear any of the 40 shades of green in patriotic style (If you’re not from Ireland, don’t worry, simply fake it till you make it).
  2. You must have the “craic” at all times. This is vital! It means you must have fun and be on top form throughout the festivities.
  3. Possibly the most important lesson you will ever learn in your entire life; never have an empty pint. Whatever your drink of choice may be (obviously Guinness for the day that’s in it, even if its sole purpose is for a cliché captioned picture for Instagram) you must keep your drink filled and spontaneously raise your glass and shout Sláinte, the Irish version of “cheers”, meaning good health.


Congratulations, you have been ordained an honorary Irishman/ woman for one night only. Spend it wisely.

Before we tell you the best places to find a leprechaun, his pot of gold and put into practice your new found knowledge during the festivities, let’s get up to speed with the significance of St. Patrick and why he is Ireland’s número uno. After all, he is the guy who made this party possible.

At 16, Patrick was taken from his home in Britain by a group of Irish radars and taken prisoner back to Ireland where he stayed for 6 years until his escape. He is thought to have turned to religion for solace during this time, became a devout Christian and returned to Ireland to introduce Christianity to the people of Ireland.

His popularity stems from the many light hearted stories based on his life in Ireland, the most famous of which states that St.Patrick banished all the snakes form Ireland by chasing them into the sea.  While it appears that he did a good job, this is merely a humorous legend as there never were , and hopefully never will be, any snakes in Ireland (hallelujah)

Saint Patrick kicking the snakes out of Ireland

Now for the good part…what to do for St.Patrick’s day.


Barcelona goes green

Plaça de Catalunya and the fountains on Gran Via will go Irish green on the 17th of March as part of Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening initiative, transforming them into party destinations and the perfect location for a pint of Guinness.

The Currach Regatta

The 9th Mediterranean Currach Regatta will take place on Sunday the 18th of March. Organised by Iomramh, whose literal translation from Irish means “row”, the event is centered on racing Currachs which are traditional Irish rowing boats.  Teams of three are invited to register for the races and classes are provided prior to the event for each team. The St. Patricks Day regatta combines Irish traditions with music, food, sun and of course, Guinness for a taste of Ireland in Barcelona.


Nuala Barcelona Irish Dancers

The highly acclaimed dance academy Nuala Barcelona Irish Dancers will perform at Center Artesà Tradicionàrius (CAT) on Sunday the 18th of March. They will be showcasing traditional Irish dancing accompanied with Irish music and beer.  Beginning at 10am, there will be games and street dancing with music from Introbaveritas, followed by a showcase of music and dancing by the students and teachers.


Visit an Irish pub

Ireland will play England in round five of the Rugby Six nations on St. Patricks day at 15:45pm local time.  Be sure to make it to one of the mentioned Irish bars below for coverage of the game and great craic!

TOP 5 Bars to celebrate St Patrick Day in Barcelona

    1. Kitty’s Pub – This is Barcelona’s oldest Irish bar and over its two decades of operation it has built up a reputation as the “go to” place of celebration for both locals and tourists.  Crowds gather on the surrounding street to raise a glass to St. Patrick, transforming the area into a sea of green. It is located in the Irish District, in Carrer de Numancia and  from the 12th to the 18th of March, Kitty’s are holding a series of events to celebrate Irish traditions. If you are seeking accommodation near this place, take a look at our Apartments in Les Corts.

    2. Flaherty’s Irish Bar – located in the heart of Barcelona, near Las Ramblas, Flaherty’s are hosting a St. Patrick’s day  celebration in style. Channeling all things “Irish”, there will be green beer, Irish stew, face painters and live music to be enjoyed. Seeking an accommodation in “Las Ramblas”, please check our Apartments in Barri Gotic.

    3. The wild River– This self-proclaimed “best Irish bar in Barcelona”, also located near Las Ramblas, is a firm favourite with both Irish expats and those wishing to have an authentic Irish pub experience. In keeping with St. Patrick’s day traditions the bar will have an endless supply of Guinness and Irish whiskey along with traditional Irish dancing, music and even an Irish Leprechaun.

    4. The Temple Bar – Named after the famous bar in Dublin, you will feel as if you were celebrating on the cobble streets of Ireland’s capital. Stocking many Irish brewed beers such as Kilkenny and Murphy’s and large screens to watch Ireland vs England, it serves as the perfect place to raise a glass for the Emerald Isle.

    5. The George Payne Irish bar– Saving the best for last, The George Payne, located in Plaça d’Urquinaona,  is known as “the best party bar in Barcelona” and their way St.Patrick’s day celebration is no different. With similar decor to that of a church, featuring Irish themed stain class windows, it has 3 bars on two floors and a large concert area. This year it will host a massive Paddy’s day celebration with live music, Guinness hats and most importantly; great craic!


While it may be long way to Tipperary, you’ll never be too far from an Irish celebration in Barcelona.

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit

Enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day in Barcelona with Barcelona-home!

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  1. I’m staying for a year in Barcelona and I will be there for next St Patricks celebration. Basically, I’ve only had the chance to celebrate it in Ireland so I’m looking forward to seeing the Spanish way to do it 🙂

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