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El Clot Barcelona

El Clot Barcelona

There are so many different areas in Barcelona and each with their own unique character that it is hard to visit them all in the space of a week or two. However, if you do get the chance El Clot Barcelona in the district of Sant Martí has an interesting history, a great atmosphere and is worth a visit.

The area dates back to the medieval period when it was known as Clot de la Miel deriving from the rich farmland and high quality honey which was produced here. The area has a heavy industrial background as many textile factories and flour mills were constructed here. El Clot, therefore, has a working class background and is considered to have a strong Catalan link with few tourists, however, that is not meant to say that the people aren’t friendly. The residents are extremely sociable, open and welcoming.

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The park in El Clot is a must-see in the area as it contains old remnants of its industrious past such as a 25m long aqueduct with beautiful cascades of water. It offers a lovely open green space amongst the bustle of the city. If you are interested in a spot of shopping, Les Glories shopping centre is nearby and there is also the pedestrianised street of Carrer de Rogent where you can find great local produce. The area is also close to the Torre Agbar, Sagrada Familia and Hospital de Sant Pau.

El Clot is a great area to visit if you want to get away from the crowds of tourists and feel like a true Catalan local.


Metro: L1, L2 (Clot)

Train: Clot-Arago train station has rail connections out of Barcelona city such as Girona and Figueres.

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