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    Experience Spanish Culture

    Experience Spanish culture, get to know about Spanish language courses, Spanish traditions and Spanish way of life.

La Mercè – Discover spanish traditions!

Mercè festival!

One of the most important and traditional parties to happen in Barcelona is La Mercè or the festa Major in Catalan. It has been observed as an official holiday since 1871 and holds its origins in Roman Catholicism and honouring the ...

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Valencian Cuisine Deluxe

Paella Valenciana featured

When visiting Valencia, you absolutely must try some of the local dishes! One of the most well known Spanish dishes in the world is La Paella. But did you know that it originally comes from Valencia? Many of Valencia’s visitors ask ...

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Saint George’s Day

Saint George

Saint George was a soldier in the Roman army in the Guard of Diocletian – who mandated his death for not leaving Christianity – that was later honored as Christian martyr.  On the day of his death, 23 of April, ...

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Naked in Barcelona

naked in barcelona

Most people visiting Barcelona think, this is the city where they can just let go and party as much as they want, behave whatever they feel like and start behaving like animals when getting drunk, since nobody knows them anyways. ...

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Refuge of Plaza del Diamant


In 1936, Spain got into a huge civil war. Violence, and bomb alerts were part of this event. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine that Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas were the place where the rebellion and the first ...

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Cinema lliure a la platja

Where? Next to Barceloneta just in front of the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta Metro: L4-Barceloneta Bus: H16, V21, 39 Bicing: 31, 32 When? From 2014-07-17 till 2014-08-24 every Thursday and Sunday Time: 9 P.M Price: Free + you can also win ...

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One City, Two Languages

One City, Two Languages

One city, two languages; of course we are talking about Barcelona! Are you planning to work or study in Barcelona? If so, it is good to know, that there are two official languages in Barcelona – Catalan and Castilian Spanish. Approximately 7 million ...

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