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    In here, you can find all the best places and services in Barcelona. Plan you trip while consulting our blog, and enjoy your stay in this beautiful city!

Best Escape Rooms in Barcelona

best escape rooms

Do you love Barcelona and have seen all the well-known sightseeing? Then you need to try something new. Barcelona has some of the best escape rooms with different themes. Escape rooms is an incredible adventure, where the adventures are lived by you ...

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Best self-service laundry in Barcelona

La Wash Barcelona

If you’re in Barcelona and needs to do your laundry, there are good places to go. In self-service laundries, you have the opportunity to wash your clothes in larger capacity washing machines. This means that you will be saving between ...

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Healthy food restaurants in Barcelona

Healthy food restaurants Barcelona

In addition to delicious Spanish tapas and Catalan food, Barcelona also offers a lot of healthy, veggie and organic food for all tastes. They make the healthy food good looking, and so colorful that even non-vegetarians wants to eat food ...

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Best amusement parks in Barcelona

Ice Cream Party-2

Are you looking for the ultimate kick? Do you love the feeling of adrenalin in your streaks? Amusement parks are a great activity for you and your friends. And of course, when visiting Barcelona you don’t have to miss these ...

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Barcelona’s top tapas restaurants

Best tapas restaurants in Barcelona

Spanish restaurants and cuisine, in general, are nothing without tapas. It’s known even by the people that haven’t even been to Spain. It’s kind of a snack or an appetizer. You can eat it cold – for example, cheese and ...

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