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    All information you need to know about Barcelona – where to stay, the city, transportation, working and much more.

Celebrating Black Friday in Barcelona


As Black Friday is not a usual holiday in Europe, you might be wondering what it is. Well, Black Friday is the first Friday right after Thanksgiving which is annually celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. This ...

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Vintage Photographs of Barcelona


Calling all photography enthusiasts, history lovers, and hipsters alike! Barcelona is filled with sights straight out of an old photograph. As much as the city has continued to modernize at every corner you can’t help but be reminded of the ...

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Barcelona Attractions Perfect for Your Visit!

hidden spots ofbarcelonato table (1)

The city of Barcelona offers many attractions to satisfy the needs of everyone. Barcelona has the perfect combination of art, entertainment, and recreational activities. There are many galleries and museums, parks, beaches, mountains, aquariums, festivals, and architectural masterpieces for you to ...

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Best Themed Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona for food Lovers (2)

Barcelona is often known for its more traditional places but if you’re really looking for an out of the box experience there is so much more for you to see! There are unique, and extravagant themed spots throughout the city ready ...

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Winter Season in Barcelona

Winter in Barcelona

We all know that classic January mood, where we just want to stay in, covered in blankets drinking hot chocolate. The early dark mornings before going to work, and when you’re leaving the office it is already cold again. The ...

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Hidden spots of Barcelona!

hidden spots ofbarcelonato table

Like most trips, when you go out to discover a city you will want to go off the beaten paths and uncover the secrets of your destination. Barcelona is a city full of mysteries and hidden spots to be uncovered. Whether ...

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