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Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona

With its vibrant nightlife and great dining culture, it´s no surprise that Barcelona is also one of the cocktail capitals of Europe. Although a nice sangria on the beach or a frosty Moritz on a sunny plaza certainly hits the spot, there is nothing quite like an expertly made Gin Tonic or Negroni to hit the spot after a long day at work. We have assembled a list of the 3 Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona, each of them known for craft mixology and a unique style sure to provide you and your date with an unforgettable experience.

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Our first choice? Bitter Cocktail Bar in the Sant Antoni neighborhood. Don´t worry, it tastes better than the name makes it sound. This wonderful little bar specializes in old-school cocktails spiked with modern flare and the innovative addition of bitters, shrubs and natural herbs to balance the booze. The classic Moscow Mule gets a Gin makeover and becomes a London Mule. Other signatures include Pimm´s Lemonade, Kentucky Buck Beer and Bitter’s Punch. To soak up the good stuff, Bitter bar also serves a nice variety of sandwiches and tapas. The mixologists and waiters tend to be very friendly and patient, helping you to choose the perfect cocktail to match your palette.


So take a moment and relax in the dimly lit Bitter, a cocktail bar designed to put you at ease after a busy day at the office. Looking for a place to stay in this charming residential neighborhood? Then check out our Apartments in Sant Antoni!

Address: Calle Viladomat 17, Barcelona
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 19.00-2.30, Monday closed
Telephone: +34 935 327 199
Email: info@bitter-bar.com

Creps al Born

Next up, a popular favorite in the trendy el Born neighborhood: Creps al Born. Located right on the Passeig del Born, one of the neighborhood´s (and, indeed, the city´s) most happening bar-streets, this bustling establishment prides itself on its unique and unusual combination of two of life´s great joys: quality cocktails and French crêpes. Creativity is key at Creps al Born and the drink list features a wide array of craft cocktails served with wild flare. It´s not uncommon to hear the giant brass bells hanging from the ceilings tolling or a torch shoot fire at the surface of your glass! House favorites include the Zombie acapulco, Don Key Kong, Le Chat Noir and Spring Fizz. Or choose the pre-game option: shots and crêpes!

Creps al Born

No matter what the occasion, we guarantee a wonderful experience at Creps al Born. Just make sure to get there relatively early on the busiest nights to avoid a crowd! Need a place to crash after a few cocktails at Creps? Take a look at some of our lovely Apartments in el Born!

Address: Passeig del Born, 12, Barcelona
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 18.00-2.30, Friday 18.00-3.00, Saturday 12.00-3.00, Sunday 12.00-2.30
Telephone: +34 932 690 325
Email: crepsalbornbcn@gmail.com


How about a cocktail with a view? Maybe the best view in town? Perched on the 26th floor of the exclusive W Barcelona Hotel, Eclipse bar and lounge allows you the unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in panoramic views of the city and Mediterranean Sea, while also sipping something expertly crafted and delicious. The bar offers a light and refines sushi-fusion cuisine, matched with a wide mix of wonderful cocktails including their famous Watermelon Martinis, Cloudy Windows, Mojitos  and Midnights. Sit back and relax as you let the smooth beats of the best local and international DJ´s run through you. Eclipse is by far one of the hippest place to see and be seen with a cocktail in your hand.


While the other two bars are not so formal, we do recommend dressing Elegant & Chic. You never know who you can run into up there, in the luxurious bird´s nest of Barcelona. You might want to make a good first impression!

Address: Passeig Mare Nostrum, Barcelona
Opening Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 18.00-2.00, Tuesday and Thursday 18.00-3.00, Friday-Sunday 18.00-4.00
Telephone: +34 932 952 800
Email: eclipse.reservas@whotel.com

We hope you have the chance to try out one of our Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona!

HINT: Barcelona is especially well known for fantastic Gin&Tonics. You might want to quench your thirst with one of these during your stay!

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