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Wine in Barcelona

Barcelona Wine

Wine is awesome. Wine is a key ingredient of Spanish cuisine and a part of life in Barcelona. The production process is long and complicated and varies according to the type of wine desired. However, we will give a brief and simple description of this process that is considered an art form in Spanish culture.

The methods of production and cultivation of wine have seen a spectacular evolution since the 70’s. The implementation and adaptation of these methods has meant that Spain now has some of the most advanced vineyards in Europe. Before the production process one must take into account the different factors influencing the final product:

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Grape Harvest

The process of harvesting generally occurs between the end of August or early September and mid-October, depending on the desired ripeness of the fruit. It is of vital importance that the best fruit is ed.

Wine Colour

The vast majority of grapes used in wine-making possess the same color as their pulp. The coloring pigments that characterize, for example, red grapes are practically always found in their skins. This natural condition gives rise to the principle difference between red and white wines.

Juice Extraction

The production process chosen will depend on which type of wine is desired, the grapes are taken for the extraction of their juice. The bunches picked during the harvest are placed in a receptical and they are subsequently taken to the extractor. In the extractor the grapes are subject to rotation and pressure. In the case of white wine, the juice is separated from the skins. The extractor creates a viscous paste from which grape skins and other natural materials are removed. Without this premature fermentation would occur. This paste is subject to multiple stages of extraction depending on the type of wine desired.

If you are interested in finding out more about Spanish wines and wine or cava making please do not hesitate to get in touch for special offers from restaurants, wine merchants and vineyards in and around the Barcelona region. There are also special tours for the lovers of wine in Barcelona!


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