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Babies and Kids in Barcelona

Babies and Kids in Barcelona

Looking for a trustworthy babysitter in Barcelona? We can help! Enjoy your time in Barcelona and make sure your kids do as well!

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 Make your holiday with kids carefree

The goal of Barcelona Babysitter is to give children an enriching experience while also looking after them. This means not only “taking care” of them, but also providing a fun environment that stimulates their development through a variety of didactic games, language learning and much more.

All of the babysitters are highly qualified and equipped with great childcare skills. And, most importantly, they all love working with children.

Contact Barcelona Baby Sitter:

Barcelona Baby Sitter
Tel.: +34 622 511 675
Email: info@bcnbabysitter.com
Web: bcnbabysitter.com

Everything you may need while traveling with kids

Traveling to Barcelona with babies and toddlers? Backpack Baby is a company that rents out anything you may need while here, including strollers, push-chairs, cots, high chairs, car seats, carriers, or toys, delivered right to your doorstep. The company rents equipment for days, weeks or months. You can also purchase basic childcare products (diapers, dummy, bottles) to have everything ready upon arrival. Contact Backpack Baby for your family travels! Also, don´t forget to check out our accommodations with baby cot in Barcelona.

To find more information contact Backpack Baby:

Tel.: +34 93 492 79 29
Email: info@backpackbaby.com
Web: backpackbaby.com

Unforgettable medieval tours for your kids!

Barcelino offers interactive tours for children in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, with guides dressed in medieval costumes who will teach the group about the everyday life of children in medieval times. Walking through this historical part of town, you will learn about how people lived in those times, what kind of food they ate, what games they played, when and how young people came of age, and a lot more! The tour is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 10, but adults are welcome too!

Contact Barcelino to book a tour:

Tel.: +34 661 26 36 24
Web: barcelino.es


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